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“Marketing Tasks Off Your Plate” Services

“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” - Andrew Carnegie


Start. Support. Scale.

The Ultimate Resource for Your Internet Ambitions Realized

Those Marketing Tasks You KNOW You NEED to DO, But…

Many business owners know they need to:

  • Post regularly to social media accounts,
  • Add at least one blog post per month
  • Create a Google Business Update monthly (or more)

… BUT simply cannot find the time to do the tedious, yet important tasks consistently.  We have had numerous clients ask us if we would “just do it.”  After enough requests, we’ve created the following plans.

Are Our Marketing Plans Right for Your Business?

  • Do you have a Google Business profile? Social media pages, profiles and accounts? A WordPress website (or a site with a blog)?
  • Do you want to be posting consistently to these, but just never find the time to get to them?
  • Do you draw a blank mind when you attempt to create your posts?
  • Do you ask all of your young staff members to help, but it either doesn’t happen or they don’t know what to post?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, then our plans are right for you.

Who Uses “Our Marketing Tasks Off Your Plate” Services & Which Marketing Plan is Right?

Professional service businesses, eCommerce owners, and restaurant owners currently use our services.

  • Do you only focus on one account (Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), then look at our Social Media Posts plans.
  • Do you focus on local businesses and do not want social media? You will want one of our Google/Blog Text Posts plans
  • Do you want maximum work completed? You will want one of our Marketing Bundle plans.

What is Needed to Start and What You Need to Know

What is Needed to Start:

  • Access to:
    • Google Business Profile*
    • Website Admin*
    • Social Media Accounts (Up to 5)
  • Call to Action – what contact information to include? Phone, Email, Website Link?
  • List of up to 5 services to focus on (we’ll choose one per month for GMB Text)
  • List of up to 5 keywords to use in content
  • Company Branding: Logo, colors etc.
  • Any images of products or company you’d like used.

* Only needed for the Google/Blog Text Posts or Bundle plans. Not needed for Social Media Image Posts.

What You Need to Know:

  • All plans are month-to-month.
  • There is no time-contract require.
  • No work is started without payment
  • All payments are auto-billed on a credit card that is required to be kept current to stay active.
  • Necessary access will be required to complete tasks.
  • No more being the clog in the cog. All tasks are completed automatically, no approvals causing delays – unless you pay for an approval plan.
  • These are for Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and local marketing – tasks only. This means:
    • Approvals prior to posting are not required unless you pay for that plan…
    • These are tasks completed not full marketing strategies.
      • We are not responsible for marketing results (traffic, visits, followers).
      • We are not holding monthly strategy sessions.
      • We do not guarantee results.


“Marketing Tasks Off Your Plate” Service Plans

Google Business Updates + Blog Posts


Any business with a Google Business Profile account will benefit from Google Business Updates.  These plans including writing a minimum of 500-word blog post plus adding text updates with an image to Updates that links back to the post at least once a month. We will put the first paragraph on Google Business Profile with a link to the full article that is on your website as a blog post.

Below is one (1) article per month. You can order more than one, if desired.

  • PROFESSIONAL: Regular Writing for Most Businesses. A minimum of 500/words $375 – (1) per month
  • WITH APPROVAL REQUIRED*±: Regular Writing for Most Businesses and approves prior to posting. A minimum of 500/words $475 – (1) per month





* We are not responsible for delayed or missed posts/updates due to delayed or missed approvals.
± We will send up to three (3) emails requesting approvals. No response after that will result in a missed (skipped) post.

Social Media Posts

Social media is a common connection that can benefit the business in both the site and in Google’s search results. Yet, the time to be consistent. Unlike most social media services, we’ll include captions that accompany the image posts.


  • Our plans include monthly social media posts for up to five (5) social media accounts. We will automatically post them to your social media accounts.  Access will be required to your chosen social media account.
  • We will create the:
    • Text for the Post Images
    • Text for the Caption/Descriptions
    • Post Images
    • Hashtags
  •  Approvals prior to posting are not required.


Social Media Platforms to Choose From:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Google Business Profile
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter


Plans are:
All plans below have a one-time setup fee of $400.

  • 3 posts (M-W-F) per week – $407
  • 5 posts (M-F)  per week – $607




Marketing Bundle Plans

Want to Combination of the above? Here you go.

All plans below have a one-time setup fee of $400.


  • Up to Five (5) Social Media Accounts with Five (5) Posts per Week (Mon thru Friday)
  • One (1) GB Professional Update + Blog Post up to 500-words (1/mos)




  • Up to Five (5) Social Media Accounts with Three (3) Posts per Week (Mon, Wed, & Fri)
  • One (1) GB Professional Update + Blog Post up to 500-words (1/mos)



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