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Website Development Process

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The Process to Build Your Business Website

We developed our website development process to help make your project launch successfully. You need to communicate any unique processes in your business. A a webmaster needs to know every detail. What are your expectations of automations? What are your “most important” needs? What plugins are you intending to have used (even if you think they’re common)? Communicated all these upfront. It helps the process to run smoothly. Surprises get expensive and can cause delays or halting projects. Review the micro-details of your needs. It will help you and your webmaster.

  • Initial Consultation.

    As with any other website development company, your project starts with a conversation. Share with us every detail about your business. So, we can create a proper scope to meet all your business needs. You will share your:

    • Prospective customer/client/guest/patient,
    • Business goals and why your business stands out from the competition,
    • Website needs for automations, interactivity, functionality, and content,
    • Level of service you prefer from us. For example, do you need from us:
    • Website hosting?
    • A web address (domain name)?
    • Unique graphics designed?
    • Monthly retainer services for updating the content for you after the site is live?
    • Maintenance and security monitoring?
    • Preferred timelines for website completion,
    • Your budget.
  • Project Quotation & Contract.

    From our discussion, we’ll create a website proposal and quotation. It includes any optional add-ons, expected time for completion, and what the next steps are. This document will detail everything. And it includes what you’re responsible for and what we are. We recommend that you read this document carefully. Our contract, we assign copyright of the entire website to you upon receipt of final payment. Once you approve it, the project progresses forward.

  • Invoice for Deposit.

    Upon approval, you will receive an invoice for the deposit. We will schedule a recorded Zoom call to begin the design phase.

  • Design Phase.

    Design phase begins. You discuss your preferred design style, branding colors, and go over the elements to include. If you don’t know your design style, find 3 to 5 sites that fit what you’re wanting. Design is subjective to you and your target niche. Depending on custom designed versus customized theme, we will either product flat images or demo themes.

    Use this time to gathering your text, graphics, videos, and product content. For e-commerce, we will give you a spreadsheet to add your product details.

  • Development.

    After approval of designs (or demo), we’ll install WordPress on our development servers. We install and setup your chosen designs or theme. You deliver to us all your text, image and multimedia content.

    You’ll receive a link to the development site when it’s approximately 80% completed. You’ll be able to go through the entire front-end.

  • Go Live.

    Upon approval, we take your website live. You will have 30 days after launch for technical support.

    If you have opted to join our WordPress Support Services, you will begin the auto-billing. This service covers monthly updates of your site’s core, plugins and theme. It also includes daily backups and 24 hour repair and restore of a website breach.

  • Training.

    Your site is live. You, or selected staff member, will have a tour of your site’s administration via Zoom. You will know how to make content updates. If you decide you do not want to do your website’s updates, we have a service to help you.

  • Monthly Retainer & Marketing Tasks Done For You.

    You don’t want to learn how to update your site’s content? No problem! We have monthly retainer plans to help you. No contract required at any time and you can cancel upon request of no further billing. Our website retainer packages are for you.

    Additionally, there are marketing tasks that you don’t have time to complete. We have a service that can help. Do you need Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google My Business posts? A blog post added to your site each month? We do not create full-service marketing campaigns. But we do create well-thought out posts and articles. Checkout our “Marketing Tasks Done For You” service.

Updated February 4, 2022

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