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Webmaster Services – Monthly Retainer

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin


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Why a Webmaster?

In the mid-1990s, there was a distinction between a “Website Designer,” a “Web Developer,” and a “Webmaster.” The difference is that a website designer’s strength was in graphics, a web developer’s strength was in programming and coding, and a webmaster did it all plus online marketing.

Our monthly Webmaster Services include all areas of our expertise.

It’s Your Time! How would you like us to use it?

Our monthly Webmaster Retainer Program allows you to send your requests for site updates without having to wait for quotes and approvals. We give you an email address to submit your requests, and we notify you upon completion or with questions.

If your request requires more time than your plan’s designated hours, we will notify you first. Unused time is non-refundable and expires at the end of each 30 days.

Our regular hourly rate is $125. These retainer packages are for clients who would like help regularly or want a webmaster available to receive task requests as needed.

Are Our Webmaster Service Packages Right for Your Business?

  • Do you have website content updates throughout the year?
  • You neither have the time nor the desire to learn how to add to your WordPress website.
  • You don’t want to hire a part-time employee for your website or some online marketing.
  • You want to be able to email requests and receive notices when work is completed.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, then our packages are right for you.

Who Uses Our Retainer Services & Which Package is Right?

Services professionals, medical professionals, attorneys, eCommerce businesses, and restaurants all use our monthly retainer webmaster services.

  • For clients who have one or two changes a month, our 1-hour package is the desired package. Medical professionals, restaurants, and service professionals use this package.
  • Attorneys who want consulting and then the work completed for them each month typically use our 5-hour, 8-hour, or 10-hour package. These clients have limited time to work with full-service agencies. They prefer to let us review what they need and then complete both on-site and Internet marketing tasks. They only need to be available for approvals or text needs.
  • eCommerce and bigger business sites will use our 10-hour and 20-hour packages. We do considerably more work each month, solving problems and implementing the solutions.
  • Many folks with a lot of upfront needs change from higher packages to lower ones. We don’t have a contract in place so that you can change any time.

What’s Included and Not?


  • Add/Edit/Delete content on pages, posts, or existing product descriptions
  • New product additions
  • Image changes for banners, within pages or posts, or product images that you provide.
  • Minor graphic creation
  • Adding new Landing pages with your content
  • Editing the font/text style or other CSS modifications
  • Adding coupon codes
  • Add videos to YouTube and your website
  • Add new events to your existing event calendar
  • Some online marketing
    • Keyword research and recommendations
    • Google My Business updates,
    • Set up social media accounts with your content
    • Post your content to your social media accounts
    • Online marketing is task-based only. Results not guaranteed.
  • Website review and make suggestions for improvements
  • Consulting – all calls are billed against the package time. Consulting is providing professional or expert advice, and this includes advising on:
    • how to complete a process,
    • best use and standards practices,
    • guidance on technical and marketing strategies,
    • and any advice, recommendations related to online websites, internet marketing, or doing business on the web.

Not Include:

  • Costs of any new premium plugins added (this includes the cost of replacing deprecated/abandoned premium plugins)
  • Content Writing (SEO or Informational)
  • Custom development (custom themes, plugins, PHP, updating custom code, etc.)
  • PSD/Graphic to WordPress
  • Website design and redesign, building a new website or subdomain
  • Microsoft® 365 Email
  • Malware repair and restore
  • ADA Compliance updates
  • Website domain annual costs
  • SSL Certificate annual costs
  • Hosting
  • Projects that exceed monthly package time

Webmaster Services Retainer Packages

1-Hour *


Save $30/hour

5-Hours **


Save $200 ($40/hour savings)

8-Hours ***


Save $320 ($40/hour savings)

10-Hours ****


Save $450 ($45/hour savings)

20-Hours *****


Save $1,000 ($50/hour savings).

  • Subscription services with no contract required—auto-billing every 30 days from the initial billing date.
  • Plans: you can increase or decrease at anytime.
  • If your request requires more time than your plan’s designated hours, we will notify you first.
  • Unused time is non-refundable and expires at the end of each 30 days.
  • No traffic or lead results guaranteed.
  • * There is no amount of marketing tasks that can be completed in one-hour.
  • ** 5-hours a month is just one hour over a 1/2 day of work each month
  • *** 8-hours is one full working day of work each month
  • **** 10-hours is a day and two hours of work each month
  • ***** 20-hours equals 2 1/2 days of work each month

To Proceed

We need to set up a 45-minute phone call so we can hear more about your project and so that we can get to know each other. We want to learn all about your business and goals. We’ll review your business needs and upcoming projects.  For 5-, 8-, 10-, and 20-Hour packages, we accept a limited number of projects to ensure that we have the time. Delivering quality work is our number one goal.

Ready To Discuss Your Project?

Let’s schedule time to connect and discuss your specific needs.