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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs


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The Ultimate Resource for Your Internet Ambitions Realized

“When I walked home from school, starting in eighth grade, I would look at the businesses I passed regularly and think to myself, ‘That’s someone’s dream realized.’ Now I have built a successful company, where I get to actively participate in seeing dreams realized on a regular basis with website builds and webmaster services. It’s just amazing to me. I love it.”

Beth Varian, Webmaster for Hire.

Your Business Website – Your Online Pitchman & Salesperson

Marketing and sales have two different purposes.

Business marketing is your “pitchman.”  The pitchman consistently focuses on bringing targeted prospect awareness about your brand, keeps your business in front of those potential clients, and calls them to take action.

Sales teams are the “closers.” They connect with the prospective client on a more personal level, answer the questions, and get the ‘yes.’

Your business website can function in both marketing and sales. You must set your website’s purpose. Then, work with a web design agency that listens to your business’s needs. They should learn your acquisition process flow from prospect to sale. This education helps to best serve you in developing your website.

Your Website as the Pitchman - Has the Capability to Market Your Brand to Your Prospects
Your Website as the Saleman - Closes the sales - get's the 'yes'.

Why Website Design Services? Your Business Needs Professional Appeal

Did you have a college intern build your business website for a class project? Have a young relative who is web-savvy and used the few extra bucks to buy his or her next tech gadget? Or did you see a Wix or GoDaddy website commercial, showing you how easy it is to create your stunning business website with easy and great success? Don’t worry, we’ve heard about almost all the stories of trying free, cheap, and do-it-yourself.

Many times, these are great ways to start. But, when you’re ready to upgrade the appearance and capabilities of your online “pitchman” and “salesperson,” we’re here to help you.

We don’t just take your task list of what you “think” you should have for a website. We advise you about options and ways to automate.

More Than a Pretty Website

When Beth Varian started Webmaster For Hire, her tagline was “More Than a Pretty Website.” She wanted prospects to know that their business websites could be so much more than visually appealing.

Varian alone has over 20 years of experience in this fast-changing and daily growing environment. She and her team understand that there are viable solutions that you may not be aware of growing your business online.

Website design project consulting is so vital for our clients. We let you know current standards, potential requirements for staying above board in your industry, and changes that are happening in the quickly changing online world. We give you our advice followed up with “here’s why we are advising this.” This consulting allows you to make better choices that suit your business for your website.

When Is It Time to Redesign Your Business Website?

There are a few rules that we share with our clients about when to redesign their business websites:

  1. When your website is out of date with current technology. Some examples:
    • Do you have Flash (movies made with .SWF files) on your website?
    • Is your business website “responsive?” Look at your website on your smartphone. Do you have to pinch it in and out to read it better? If yes, it is not responsive.
  2. Do you want to manage it yourself but have no capabilities to do so?
  3. Your website has had no updates to it in 2-3 years (5 years or more – you know who you are, smile). It’s time to review your website’s design.
  4. Review your website’s analytics (statistics on visitor behavior) for key performance indicators (KPI).
    • Are you getting new visitors? Returning visitors?
    • What is your bounce rate (number of visitors that leave your site within 5 seconds or less)?
    • What pages have the highest bounce rate?
    • What are your page views? Are they reading more than a page or two?
    • How much time are they spending on your website?
    • What is your website’s average load time?

If you said “yes” or “oh my” to any of the above, then it’s time for a redesign.

WordPress Benefits

When developing websites, we typically use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) as our preferred system. The benefits and flexibility help to keep the cost more reasonable. We are also able to build your website within a few months.  Custom development websites with a custom administration system can be expense, less flexible as your needs change and take up to a year or more to create.

With WordPress, you get:


Easy to Use

Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress CMS was built so that anyone can manage a website with out custom development of an entire backend.  With a fully functional administration dashboard, you can add/edit/delete new pages, posts, and multimedia.

Easy Publishing with Great Tools

If you can use Microsoft® Word®, you can use WordPress. Similar formatting options and easy to use as a solopreneur or with a team. You can link to internal or external pages with ease and add PDF documents, images, and update text, too.
You have full control to manage your content however it suits you.  Start work and save as a draft, return later then either make your pages live for schedule posts for the month to go live at different times or save for review.  You can make content public, private, and even password protect one page or more.


Unique User Access

No more giving out your secure master password or giving access to all functions.  With WordPress, everyone you wish to have access to the admin dashboard gets his or her unique user-pass.  You assign the level of access they have.  With a Simple History plugin, you can monitor changes made to your website, too.  This is also a great plugin for troubleshooting issues.  Removing users is easy and it doesn’t remove their work, either.

Extended Functionality, Flexible and Adaptable for Changing Needs

Whatever website you wish to build, Webmaster For Hire with WordPress is sure to make it possible. Do you need complex photo galleries, forums, calendars, or a podcast?  Whatever a your needs, the core WordPress CMS plus a wide variety of basic and premium plugins work to meet your requirements. There are tens of thousands of plugins already developed to help build out the website of your dreams. The sky’s the limit.

Search Engine Ranking

Search engines loves WordPress. WordPress sites tend to rank high for their keywords because they are typically updated regularly.  There are plugins to help you formulate your pages for ranking, too.

Mobile Responsive

Technology today (and Google ranking) requires that a website be responsive. This means that when viewed on smaller screens, your website adapts to the size.  The visitors do not need to ‘pinch in / pinch out’ to view your content.

Why Webmaster For Hire for Your Web Design Agency?

Beth Varian has a lifelong purpose of helping others to succeed. She built this agency with your business in mind.

The value when working with a professional website designer starts right from the beginning. An experienced designer consults throughout the project. The consulting includes giving you answers with “why this is recommended.” They give details of “you can do this or that, and here are the pros and cons of both.”

“I enjoy the excitement of our clients when their sites go live,” says Varian. “Our ending of website design projects is our clients’ new beginnings for their businesses. It can be addictive, in a positive way, to be part of a business’ success.”

Your business is our “star client.” Every website build and client are unique. Our design portfolio has a variety of design styles because we design for your aesthetic, your prospects, and your industry. We have several designers on our team. Therefore, we can match the right one with your desires.

Customer service is highly important to us. We treat our clients with the utmost respect, and we never disappear on them.

Lastly, we have been serving clients since 2006. We combine our team’s online development skills with your business’ expertise and industry to create your website masterpiece for success.

Let Us Design Your Business Website – How to Get Started

Call us at (561) 822-9931 or complete the form below to get started. Someone will respond with dates and times for an initial consultation.

Website Design FAQs

Do you use existing theme or custom theme for building my website?

We can do both. Some clients desire a branded, custom developed website and other prefer an existing theme.  We have the team and capabilities to service both clients.

Do you build mobile friendly websites?

Yes, our websites are responsive. This means they flow from large desktop screens to mid-size tablets and down to the smaller smartphone screens.

Is there anything I need to provide to build my website?

Yes, you will be providing the text, image and any multimedia content that you wish to have on your website.  We can provide stock photography as needed.

Are there any hidden/additional charges?

We work to provide fully accurate quotes upfront. Additional costs outside of the project quote for all sites include:

Additionally, there can be unexpected fees.  If there are changes in the project scope or a premium plugin fits a requirement that wasn’t part of discovery, those are additionally fees.

What is your fee schedule for website design projects?

Website design fee schedules are 50% – 25% – 25%. Half of the payment is due with a signed contract; a quarter is due upon approval of the design or theme, and the final quarter is due before the site goes live.

I am totally new to building a website. How does the whole process work?

The process is easy.  You are part of it every step of the way, and we give you advice, directions, and answering questions throughout the whole process. Check out our full website development process here.

How long does it take to have a website built?

Of course, the timelines for website builds depends on a few variables:

  1. Rate of design approvals,
  2. Getting all the content in for the build,
  3. Size of the site, and
  4. Added functionality or custom development.

A custom website design project with up to ten-pages that has approved designs and all the content can take 6-8 weeks.

Do I own my website?

In our contract, we assign full copyright of your website to you upon receipt of the final payment. This assignment gives you complete ownership of your website.

How do I get my “www” address?

The website’s address is also known as a “domain” or “url.”  Domains are not purchased once.  You register for your chosen and available website address for an annual fee.  You can register for your domain here for a nominal annual fee.

How do I keep my site secure?

This is a great question that every website owner should ask!

Since most websites are developed with a database (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), they can be targets to hackers.

Please note: hackers rarely attack websites because:

  1. of the nature of the business,
  2. the owner or people involved in the business, or
  3. pretty much anything that has to do with the business.

Websites get hacked mostly for the website’s resources, which include the mail server, the site’s host server, and any stored data in a database.  For this reason,

  1. We do not allow any websites to use our hosting that contains highly sensitive data (credit cards, date of births, health records, social security numbers, etc.), and
  2. Anyone is susceptible to being hacked – it’s not personal.

To keep your website secure: all updates to plugins and the CMS (content management system) itself (i.e., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) regularly.  Install security plugins and schedule regular backups of your website (daily, weekly, monthly).  You should have website monitoring, too, to detect downtime.

We have “WordPress Support Service” packages. These packages include backups of the WordPress core, themes and plugins plus updates of all regularly.  Websites hosted on our servers are required to have this service.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

It used to be the answer was “it depends.”  But today, every website needs an SSL Certificate if they want to meet Google’s new standards as they “aim for a more secure internet.”  Since most people online are using Google’s browser, Chrome, they have set the rules for the SSL Certificate requirements. It is visible when a website has an SSL installed, next to your website’s address in the location bar, it will show a lock that lets the visitors know it’s secure:

If you  don’t have a certificate your visitors will see ‘Not Secure’ next to the website’s address:

Therefore, the answer now is, “yes, you need an SSL Certificate.” It is an annual fee.  We sell and install the certificates for our clients.

Do you include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of the website build?

No, SEO services is not included in our website development. It is our opinion that adding this service during a build tends to rush through the process of proper keyword research. Most web designers just toss in whatever keywords the clients want.  We don’t want to do SEO work quickly and give a misconception that the on-site keywords will be all a website needs to rank.

If you or your marketing professional have metadata or alt tags to include during the build, we will be glad to add it in for you. It should also already be part of your content.

Once my site is built, will you be providing training to manage the content on my website?

Yes, we will schedule a video conference to give you a tour and training on how to update your website (add/edit/delete). This will be recorded and delivered upon completion. Additionally, we are available for up to 30-days for any oversight fixes at no additional cost. After that, we are still available either through our Webmaster Services – Monthly Retainer or for a quoted fee.

If I decide that I do not wish to add content after launch, are you able to assist me?

We do have monthly retainer packages available. We have packages for everyone’s needs. How much or little you need us, there is a no contract, monthly retainer package right for you.