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“Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.” - Jim Trinka and Les Wallace


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“Thank you for overhauling my company website. It was originally designed 20 years ago, and needed completely new architecture to be functional. You and your team listened to my ideas, incorporated my content and concepts, and delivered exactly what I saw in my mind’s eye.

The design is clean, sleek and organized. Not overwhelming. The information is abundant and easily accessible. This is a very consumer-friendly website, and it’s all mine. Ownership too, and all at a manageable and equitable price. Also, we launched right on schedule.

It is great when service providers are reliable, and their word has worth. That is very rare these days.

I feel very comfortable and confident with your firm managing my company’s website, and making the necessary updates over time. I highly recommend your web design and management services to any consumers in the market.

Thank you again, I really appreciate your expertise, and more importantly, your customer service.”

Jason Stagman, CCIM, President


“Elizabeth and her team of professionals were most responsive and easy to communicate with.  Being someone who doesn’t know the in’s and outs of web development and or technology, they were able to solve problems and uncover foreseen issues I was unaware of.  My site had the design I desired, and most importantly, the functionality. I continue to recommend their services and will be using them for all future needs.”

Jacquelyn Quesada Bevilacqua, Founder
Labarre | Labarre Pilates | Momentīm Cycle


“We were very lucky to find Elizabeth and her team at Webmaster For Hire to help us keep our website updated and secure. They have truly been invaluable and since we have engaged their services, our site has been running smoothly, allowing us to focus on our core business — publishing. Elizabeth is extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of evolving digital technology and has worked diligently and successfully to meet our particular business requirements and objectives. We look forward to long-lasting relationship.”

Dawn Adams, Editorial and Operations Manager


“Elizabeth is a Godsend! We searched long and hard for someone who could assist us in updating our website and setting up the site for online learning. She and her team worked closely with us and the end result is an eye catching website that performs exactly the way we envisioned it. Outstanding! Elizabeth is quite knowledgeable and her fees are quite reasonable. We would recommend her to anyone in need of a webmaster. Thank you Elizabeth!”

John Farinelli, CBO, MCP, CFM, FSI1, LEED AP Vice President


“Working with Elizabeth and her team was totally refreshing and a great experience. She had the patience and always took the extra time to work with us, on our time frame, to get our website up and running for our small business. The website came out great and we are very proud of the product Webmaster for Hire completed on our behalf. We would recommend their services to any business large or small.”

Ken DeLaTorre,  Principal


“Elizabeth Varian and her company Webmaster for Hire are  critical to the success of our foundation.  She is responsible for maintaining our website and keeps it secure and operating correctly.  In addition, Elizabeth draws on her years of development, design, and programming to make suggestions to update features and stay current. And her marketing insights assist us with creating a better website and user experience.
It is a pleasure to work with her!”

Melanie Cabot, Founder & CEO


” I have entrusted my website development, and maintenance with Webmaster for hire at least 10 years now. Beth has always been very professional, courteous, and  punctual! She has always delivered what she promised!!! She recently redesigned my website, it looks amazing, and I am thrilled with it! Beth and her team work diligently to get the job done!  I highly recommend Webmaster For Hire!”

Debbie Maley, Owner & Master Stylist


“Elizabeth and I found each other when she was looking for a new accountant and I needed a website.  And what a great find she was.  Elizabeth and her team go above and beyond.  They are quick to take care of any issues or additions.  I love my website.  I value the monthly reports and the guidance they give.  What I love the most is, Elizabeth fully manages my site and it is one less thing I have to worry about.”

Maxine Taylor, President


“Webmaster For Hire has been amazing to work with!  They have helped us with our website redesign initially and now assist us with many things with our business.  I recommend them without reservation.  Excellent!”

Dr. Shelley Plumb, Founder


“Elizabeth and Team redesigned our website exactly how we wanted it. It was a large project that we knew would take hours of production and she was able to simplify it and get us a great deal for the product received. She has always been helpful with any questions concerning this site or any other sites we have asked about and without hesitation can hop on our back end and figure out any issues that have came up.
A great value that we will appreciate continuously. Thank you so much again!.”

Tierney Adele, Director of Marketing & PR


“Our business recently went through 6 different web developers and 18 months in time to build a secondary website for an offshoot of our main business. Thankfully we were able to come across Elizabeth and her team at Webmaster For Hire, who was incredibly friendly and eager to help out in whatever we needed done. Our wonderful new website was built exactly how we envisioned it would be, it was completed in the 1 month time frame projected and came in at the originally quoted price. We could not be any happier with the development and service we received, so we hired Elizabeth and her team to manage and host this new site on a monthly basis.

It was only natural then to look to Elizabeth for when our main website, which was hosted and maintained with a different Web company, was hit with a vicious virus and bots. This ultimately created numerous issues with the stability of the main website, and effectively shut down any potential business we would get from our customer base. Within 1 day of hiring Webmaster For Hire to clean up and fix the damage done, the older site was back up and running smoothly again. We knew right then and there that we wanted to hire Webmaster For Hire to host and maintain this site as well.

Now, after several months of both sites being maintained and hosted by Webmaster For Hire, we have not had any issues with virus’, bots or anything else that negatively affects both sites. We could not stress enough how much trouble we had with numerous Web Developers and how finding Elizabeth and her team was the absolute best solution we could have come across.”

Greg Hall, Parafin, Inc


“I’ve been hand coding websites since 1997. Seven years ago, I decided to use a website design company, and got locked into an expensive subscription to a proprietary system – a trap. I went back to hand coding for a few years, but the shift to mobile device friendly sites forced my hand to upgrade my site. With great reservations, I looked into outsourcing the job for a complete site rewrite. My brother (not a techie) recommended Webmaster for Hire because they had fixed his site when he was in a bind. I wound up using Webmaster for Hire and I’m happy I did – pleasant, detail oriented, fast and inexpensive for a complete conversion to WordPress. The old site had twists and turns and a lot of custom coding, but the transition was painless, faithful to the original, and the new site runs smooth as a goose. The entire job took a couple of weeks – would have taken me months.
Money well spent, and I’m very satisfied.”

Charles Eaton MD, Dupuytren Foundation


“For years I struggled with a really bad website until Webmaster For Hire rescued me. I had no idea what a difference it would make to have a professional site as part of my online presence. Now I really regret that I didn’t reach out for their help earlier –
definitely the best decision I ever made to upgrade my marketing efforts!”

– Marilyn Murray Willison, Author – Journalist – Speaker


“I have been working with Webmaster For Hire for three years to my total satisfaction. I am technologically challenged but Elizabeth Varian is the tonic I needed to help me create a website that works. I especially like the individual attention and professionalism that she always displays.
She is an expert with an impressive background.”

– James L Casale, Owner


“Elizabeth has helped me with my home page and web site for over a year. Among her talents is her calm and confident approach toward any task. She offers multiple solutions for any challenge, allowing me to select the one that fits my needs.
I am blessed to find such a capable professional who is also a quality person.”

– Donald E. Ganim, Owner


“Website Angel I was struggling to straight my website. “There is nothing so well known that we should not expect something for nothing”, but we all do and we call it “Hope”. There is always an angel around us; it is just a matter to find it. Thank you, Elizabeth, my website angel.”

– Anthony Mennitto, Owner


“So Thankful for Webmaster For Hire. Working with Elizabeth and Webmaster For Hire has been an absolutely positive experience. Elizabeth designed our website years ago, and continues to host the site. We are not very tech savvy people, but Webmaster For Hire is the expert, and will always answer any questions we may have. We feel we are in very professional, competent hands. Also, they are honest people. No bait and switch tactics here. They do what they say they will do at the price quoted. Can’t ask for anymore.”

– Adriane Schneider, Owner


“We have been very pleased with our new upgraded web site. Elizabeth spent the time with us to help find a layout we liked and a design that was most functional for us. She took our old site and completely rebuilt it for us. She taught us how to make our own updates and start doing blogs and is always a phone call away when we forgot anything. Elizabeth you have been such a great blessing to us. Thank you so much!”

– Fielding Cage, Founder


“Creative Web design and SEO marketing. I would like to thank Elizabeth, and her capable staff for the professional job they did for Palm Lake Cooperative, in designing our new website and Internet SEO marketing plan.

In a few week Elizabeth took our outdated website and redesigned it to WordPress format allowing us to make real time changes to our site. Elizabeth also designed and implemented an inexpensive SEO marketing plan which increased our traffic
20+ times and brought media attention and recognition to our community.

Thank you Webmaster For Hire for a great job!”

– Gary Jones, Manager


“When I ran into Elizabeth, I had already gone thru three people doing a sloppy job on my poorly designed web site, and promising expensive and useless features. I’m amazed that there are still honest people with integrity and intelligence. Elizabeth is one of them, and without her I would be in limbo. She is fun to work with and creative but most importantly keeps up with the industry changes. Thank you, Elizabeth you are the best!”

– Lydie Robsham, Owner


“Elizabeth Varian made creating a website all so easy. I have worked with Elizabeth Varian, of Webmaster For Hire, on a few different projects. Elizabeth has always been very helpful in making recommendations and valuable suggestions to make the site work effectively. Elizabeth’s cooperative nature and her business savvy together with her desire to make the site the best, boast a combination that any business should welcome.”

– Richard Weinstein, Attorney


“How to be Noticed & Get Clients. I got to know Elizabeth (Webmaster For Hire) first as a client of Kowerk Executive Suites. She initially found me and then I was in need of getting clients. She helped us in many ways so I have recommended her to my friends
and have kept using her in advantageous ways to maximize exposure and results.”

– Alberto Siblesz, General Manager


“I can now make my own changes 24/7 on my own time for my website. And the best part is you don’t have to know all the fancy lingo and code. Elizabeth also makes it fun and enjoyable to work with. Webmaster for Hire has made my life much easier.”

– Michelle Corson, Owner


“I have always felt that a smart manager hires people with the right skills for the jobs that they are unable to perform themselves. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience to update a website much less try to put one together. Webmaster for Hire took the information I gave them and put it together in a website that represents what I needed better than I expressed. They are insightful and aware of what the viewing public is use to and looks for.

I would recommend Elizabeth and her team in particular to the small business such as our office that needs someone to help them meet the new demands of advertising and reaching the public. As we all know it is constantly changing.”

– Gail H. Vastola, Business Manager


“Elizabeth Varian did design my web pages, about 10 years ago. She modified as needed through the years. Last year she taught me how to manage my web page, how to put a new product and how to edit and change the products we sell on the Internet. I also learned how to to blog.”

– Dr. Daisy Merey, MD, PhD.


“When Elizabeth and the Webmaster For Hire Team came along I thought I knew everything. She simplified the whole website integration for our business and how it pertains to driving clients to our website. We love the monthly reports on how our site is doing and we get such positive feedback from our existing clients as well as new. Thank you Webmaster For Hire!!!!”

– Robert Colasurdo, Owner


“We utilized Webmaster For Hire to create and host the website for our venture fund. The assignment was completed professionally and promptly. We are very pleased with the final result and have received a number of compliments on our site. I have already recommended Webmaster For Hire
to two of the companies with which I am involved.”

– R. Douglas Hulse, Fund Board Advisor


“To Whom It May Concern: Our company has had the pleasure of working with Webmaster For Hire over the last year and a half after
a lengthy search for a design, development and marketing company.

Our relationship began with the redesign of our website. We valued their commitment to this project to such a degree that we have continued with their web, e-mail hosting and other marketing. In addition, we value their expertise and professionalism in this dynamic field that
has become a necessary part of everyday life in a medical practice / research center.

Along with their expertise and knowledge in the field; Elizabeth and her team have been professional, courteous, and prompt in meeting all deadlines. Webmaster For Hire has taken the time to educate our staff and undoubtedly gone above and beyond in what they have been asked to do.

We are glad to have found a reputable company to partner with as it continues to become more and
more evident that this is a crucial element in business development.”

– Mary Ann Rahe, Administrator


“To Whom It May Concern:

Elizabeth Varian has been both a technology and a marketing resource for me for almost 15 years. She has built at least three travel sites and one log home site for me. She has also begun assisting me with the development of my first ever online marketing channel as part of a joint venture. But Elizabeth has been far more than a web designer. There are plenty of resources who are able to design and build websites.

Her greatest value is that she also understands marketing so is able to consult regarding the best methods of marketing the site designed. It is her consulting skills in addition to her marketing technical skills that make her unique. She just recently aided by provided a training course for LinkedIn and taught me how to become more efficient by throwing away my yellow pad and to-do list and moving into the 21st century by more efficient time management through the use of an on-line calendar. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I resist change.
But I recognize that to be successful, we must all change if we are to be relevant.

She helps me prioritize and organize projects. In spite of the fact that I am a type “A” person, am very organized and I prioritize constantly, it is helpful to have the opinion of someone looking in from the outside with a perspective beyond the specific projects I am focusing on. Elizabeth brings an objective perspective to each and every area with which I request assistance.”

George Gehl


“To Whom It May Concern:

Elizabeth Varian, President of Webmaster For Hire, is a great asset to RoxWorld. Her consulting style is very direct and offers real-world solutions. Advice and recommended directions are given with reasons and options, she doesn’t just say, ”take my word for it.” She makes it easy to understand difficult techo-jargon so that we can make knowledgeable decisions with our company and website.

Elizabeth helped identify a problem that was a major cost leak in our business. With the problem removed, we have used her consulting services in meetings with I.T. professionals. In meetings, Elizabeth typically takes a leadership role and asks questions to gain needed insights. Additionally, she has assisted with script-writing to create a video tool for our sales force.

We highly recommend hiring Elizabeth and Webmaster For Hire as a consultant for organization, site flow, marketing and creating a roadmap for success for your business. We at RoxWorld are excited to continue to use her consulting services.”

– Bill Cella, Business Manager


“Elizabeth is an extremely knowledgeable, charming and witty speaker. She keeps everyone entertained and turns some pretty dry subject matter into something fun! I always tell her that ‘she’ makes me look good.”

– Deanna Lessard, Director of Member Services & Education


“From the first day we met, I knew that Elizabeth at Webmaster For Hire was the right person to build and design my website. She was very generous with her time in explaining all aspects of the process and at the same time, intent on understanding exactly what I envisioned. The result of her commitment is an elegant, concise, easy to navigate site which has been vital in raising wide awareness of my work. Exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Steven Caras, Photographer, Development Director, Lecturer


“Webmaster For Hire designed our website for our company. Working with Elizabeth Varian has been a professional pleasure from start to finish. We now refer our potential customers to our website to view our custom cabinetry and staircase work along with viewing possible new selections using our web links. This option has eliminated the mailing of brochures and has assisted our customers in being more comfortable with the selections they choose since they can see the product. Our website has generated inquires and is a great sales tool! Thank you again for all you do Elizabeth.”

– Dennis C Letendre, President


“I wanted to express my appreciation to Elizabeth Varian for a job well done. Our website is an invaluable tool for our legal practice because potential clients will often look here first before contacting us. Webmaster For Hire has modernized the look and feel of our website,
and created one that is professional, creative, and innovative.

In addition, the site is easy for our clients to navigate. Your training regarding administration of the site was excellent, allowing us to easily update information on the site. Also, the software you provided has allowed the firm to send out professional looking e-newsletters with our firm letterhead. I would highly recommend Webmaster for Hire to anyone seeking an updated or new website.”

– Bruce E. Loren, Attorney


“Dear Elizabeth: Please accept this letter as a token of our thanks for all of your assistance and support on our recent upgrade
and overhaul of our corporate website.

Over the past two years we have introduced an entirely new type of commercial office building which incorporates hurricane resistant infrastructure with 100% power back up. As such, we needed to substantially modify our existing website. With the consistent recommendations of Webmaster For Hire, we are now well on our way to having a website that properly portrays our Company and our products.

In the event I have the opportunity to make a recommendation for a website designer, I will not hesitate to refer Webmaster For Hire.”

– Debra Kremblas, Executive Vice President


“Elizabeth and her team were responsible for a large overhaul of one of our websites which included SEO optimization, quite a bit of backend work, and a complicated server migration. The project itself lasted several months and we were very pleased with the work she did for us.

Elizabeth went out of her way to keep us informed of her progress, spot possible issues in advance, and advise us on options to overcome the obstacles. While we currently have an in-house marketing team, we continue to use Elizabeth for specialized projects.”

– Cliff Morris, CEO


“Elizabeth, Thank you so much for saving me! I was totally lost about my website configuration. I thank you for your prompt attention to my “emergency” and securing my website for the world. I don’t know what I’d do without you. If there is something that
I could say that you could show your clients it is this:

Thank you for being very attentive to my needs. You took the time to understand what my needs were, not just giving me what “I think” I need. In my business, I have to understand what the client’s vision is so we can create something custom specifically for them. I appreciate the time to understand my business and provide me with the best solution for my company. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

Thank you and look forward to a long lasting relationship!”

– Jaime McCabe, Executive Vice President


Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your professionalism and making it so easy to do business with you. I wish we had known you earlier, prior to even putting up our website. I’m sure it would have gone much easier and quicker. I appreciate the thoroughness and good advice that you have
offered us in doing our website re-design and upgrades.

I especially appreciate the “let’s just dive in and get it done” attitude no matter what design/web problem we present to you. We are constantly and pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and care that you put into taking care of your clients. I know it’s made all of the difference to us! I wish all of our vendors were like that. Like everyone else, we have a little slowdown here, being a non-profit organization. However, we hope to do more business with you as we build out our website and add functionality.”

– Christine Norell, Communications Coordinator


“Elizabeth, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great effort you and your company has put into getting South Florida Home Inspection Associates recognized on either the first page or first two pages on various search engines on the internet.

As a result of your expertise, our website referral business has increased over 100% year to date over last year. In today’s economic climate, this is a great achievement. I do believe with a continued effort in SEO, we will be listed on the front pages of the most significant search engines.

Thank you for your assistance and continued support.”

– Sydney Smidt, Owner


“Hi Elizabeth! I can honestly say you are awesome at what you do! I watched you help so many others including our business club get excellent websites up and running and I thank you for being my web host for the past 4+ years.”

– Janet Slimak, Real Estate Agent


“I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth and Webmaster For Hire for all your web page needs. I am not local to Elizabeth’s home base and found her through a search engine. In the beginning, I was extremely hesitant to perform this type of business transaction online but campground web masters are not plentiful. After emailing a few times, Elizabeth put all my fears to rest. I found her to be so sincere and
reassuring about everything. I have not once regretted taking a chance.

Elizabeth showed that she has a never-ending supply of patience while I twiddled and tweaked my campground website to make it everything I wanted it to be. She took the time to ensure that I was totally satisfied with every feature of my beautiful website. She was always willing to make any changes I suggested even when they didn’t work and never complained when I kept changing my mind, etc. I love being able to manage my own site and make changes when I want. This ability keeps me in control of my business and in total control of my most vital form of advertising. My administrative training took place by long distance telephone and I never felt rushed as Elizabeth made certain I fully understood each aspect of maintaining my site.

Once we went “live”, I had many long established campground owners offer to critique the site to recommend improvements. Not one person has suggested any changes! Thanks to Elizabeth, I get many professional compliments on my website and
potential campers often comment on the ease of navigating the website.

It was certainly my lucky day when I found Webmaster For Hire online!

Thank You, Elizabeth!”

– Debbie Kelleher-Taeger, Owner


“I have used Elizabeth’s web design services on several occasions and found her to be an excellent source. She is both creative and technically savvy and she delivered the project on time under tight time restrictions. I highly recommend her and Webmaster For Hire.”

– John Jacobson, Authorized House Counsel


“Elizabeth Varian from Webmaster For Hire has been a true GOD SEND! I shopped around for several months for a competent web designer, was patronized by more than a few, and almost attempted to do it myself. After being introduced to Elizabeth, we sat down, and she addressed my concerns with what I wanted to do with my site. She also explained exactly why a website was worth the investment (which her competitors did not do).

Most others in my profession (many of whom do their own websites) have boring, bland, and unprofessional sites. Visit my site and I think you will agree that although it is vibrant, unique, and creative *like me*, it most importantly conveys the professional message that my company strives for.

Now, let me tell you about Elizabeth’s patience. Being the vibrant, unique, and creative person I am. I am not easily pleased, particularly by design. We went through several run-throughs of designs before she came up with one that pleased me and still conveyed the professional image I was going for.

Elizabeth sensed that I’m a “hands on” kind of person, so she taught me how to run my own site. If I come up with a creative gifting idea in the middle of the night, I don’t have to wait for her to update my site; I can do it myself! She even sat with me on a Friday afternoon for SIX HOURS and trained me in almost every aspect of my site, from uploading a simple picture, to general maintenance, and on into creating custom forms. She patiently sat with me on short notice one day and walked me through search engine optimization (she offers this service at a reasonable price, but like I said, I’m very “hands on”).

After seeing everything that goes into building and maintaining a website, I will never again complain about how “expensive” a website is,
because with Elizabeth, IT’S WORTH IT!”

– Dawn Lambe, Owner


“Elizabeth at Webmaster For Hire made setting up our website simple and easy to do. She worked diligently with us in creating the design and concept we wanted to achieve for our organization. Creatively talented and great to work with!”

– Marlene Musior, Founder/President


“I can now make my own changes 24/7 on my own time for my website. And the best part is you don’t have to know all the fancy lingo and code. Elizabeth also makes it fun and enjoyable to work with. Webmaster for Hire has made my life much easier.”

– Kate Raynor, Owner


“Elizabeth Varian of Webmaster for Hire has made my company’s website so much more effective and we’ve had fun doing it. Before I hired Elizabeth, I had a static website and used a third party shopping cart, which served me well when I was just starting out. As my company grew however, it needed a website that allowed me to add, edit, update and expand without having to call the webmaster every week. I came to Elizabeth with a long list of what I wanted, including some special shopping cart features and Elizabeth was able to incorporate it all cost effectively.

Today, Zen Rabbit is better able to serve its customers and the media because of all the features Elizabeth built into the site and taught me how to use. We also have a more secure site, which is extremely important for online commerce, and we can run reports at
any time to know what’s going on with sales.

Elizabeth has provided fantastic ideas, both in terms of aesthetics and behind the scenes operations. She’s quick to respond to any and all questions
and is extremely knowledgeable and reliable.

If anyone questions the value of working with Elizabeth Varian and Webmaster For Hire, invite him/her to contact me.
I’m happy to talk about my experience.”

– Lori Saitz, President


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Webmaster for Hire. Elizabeth has completed two websites for me and both have been very productive and beautifully designed. Elizabeth was able to relate to all of my concerns and needs for my sites and had no problem in producing the functionality that I needed.

I would definitely use her services again.”

– Paris Ann DeFeis, Owner

CAUTION HORSES Safety Products™

“Webmaster For Hire is a professional that is needed in every business plan. Since using their services, the image of our company online has increased our business 100%. With a fresh, smart look, easy to use ordering pages and secure online e-commerce programming; these services have allowed our sales and image of the company to expand in the direction we knew, we wanted to grow.

Webmaster For Hire is there when you need them and their prompt, courteous service, allows us not to worry about our online sales department. We strongly recommend Webmaster For Hire for all your online services.”

– Deborah Darwin, President


“Elizabeth Varian and Webmaster For Hire did an amazing job on three websites for me. The projects were all diverse, but she was able to use the input I gave her and integrate them in to the site templates in a very effective and powerful way. She is flexible to work with and reasonable in her cost structure. She promptly returns emails and always goes above and beyond my expectations.

I would highly recommend anyone considering using her services and would gladly accept reference inquiries.”

– Dennis Hansen, Owner


“I have never done business with a more responsive or attentive company. You can place your trust with full confidence.”

– J. P. Jacobs II, M.D., P.A,.


“More than just a pretty site is just that… much more than that! Elizabeth not only designs a site that is functional and user-friendly, but she provides information, tips, ideas that are nothing less than business consulting at its finest. In the business world today, such support is truly unique. Elizabeth cares about your business and offers concrete support where it is most needed. She differentiates herself not only technically, but in her ability to communicate practical, useful, and inspiring advice. I heartily recommend Elizabeth to companies big and small because
her service truly does deliver much more than just a pretty site!”

– Rhonda Barnes, President


“Please allow this letter to serve as my personal testimonial for your web design services. What a joy it has been to work with you!

At a time in our economy when shoddy service is average, it is so refreshing to work with someone who not only listens, but who also offers creative solutions. You have not only provided me with expected service, but you have also provided me with exceptional service. Every time I have asked you to add or change something on my website, it has been done in a timely manner and exactly as I requested.

Since you redesigned my website, I have been receiving significantly more requests for my materials. I am especially excited about
this as we work together to promote my new book.

Finally, if any of your potential clients need a reference, please have them contact me.”

– Jim Collins, Founder


“Everyone LOVES my site. Simple, easy to get around, informative. The site has become a great introduction for anyone interested in finding out more about my business. You [Elizabeth Varian] were absolutely great to work with. Webmasters For Hire is a truly professional company I will always recommend to anyone needing to develop their portal onto the world wide web.”

– Geoff Tucker, DVM, Owner


“Elizabeth has exceeded all of our expectations with regard to meeting our budget, exceptional customer service and an excellent final product. Her attention to detail has resulted in an outstanding and very professional website. We strongly recommend Elizabeth without any reservations to anyone looking for a professional and affordable website designer who is able to capture the essence of your industries individuality and place it in a web design.”

– Bishop Martin L. Griffin, Leader


“Elizabeth combines a good eye for detail with initiative and a flair for design. Her work rate ensured that the many websites we have in the group were constantly up to date and consistent. She set the design & the standards that we use today. I have no hesitation is recommending her.”

– Crispin White, Group Marketing Director


“Just wanted you to know I got 2 serious inquiries yesterday!!!! In over one year of having my website up, I’ve not received ANY inquiries from it. But since you redesigned it and gave me some helpful advice for advertising, I’m getting noticed! AGAIN, you are worth your weight in gold!!!!”

– Diana Ralph, Artist


“Elizabeth is awesome and did an incredible job on our website.”

– Lynelle Baggett, Founder/CEO


“Webmaster for Hire does exactly what they say they will do! Elizabeth is great to work with and right on top of everything.
Our collaboration efforts produced exactly what we were looking for.”

– Michelle Soulé, President


“A website has about 10 seconds to impress a viewer. I am a no-nonsense do it by the numbers type of person. How do I put the endless hours of hard work in building a company into the hands of someone else to try and impress potential customers? The answer Elizabeth Varian & Webmaster For Hire. She took the facts and figures and with a wave of her paint brush (keyboard) she expressed what I have worked so hard to create on a Home Page.

She met all deadlines and budget constraints. She was on time at all meetings and I never had to go over things more than once.
The time alone she saved me was priceless.

If you have the chance to hire Elizabeth – do it.”

– Bob Irving, President


“I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on the development of Patrick Exterminating’s website. We had been meaning to get to this task for literally over 5 years. The necessity of developing a webite was a given but, it was also an intimidating idea that I kept putting off. After my initial meeting with Elizabeth I was no longer intimidated and felt immediately at ease. She was very
knowledgeable and professional and I knew I could leave the “driving” to her.

Within just a few quick weeks we had website up and running that I would be proud to refer anyone to. She not only was so helpful in the design but also explained in layman terms what I needed to know on keeping the site up and fresh. I would not hesitate to recommend her talent and skills let alone her lovely personality to work with.”

– Colleen Patrick


“Elizabeth Varian was referred to us at a time when we were very disappointed with the progress being made by our current web designer. We paid for so long without any significant results that it was both frustrating and costly. After an initial meeting with Elizabeth, she accepted the challenge of developing a professional website for us. She provided a sequential outline of the tasks to be completed, a written timeline, an hourly rate, and submitted a written agreement for the project. We completely scrapped the site currently under development and started over.

Elizabeth ultimately did a great deal more than originally projected, still within the projected time period and cost. In the process, she saved us money on graphics, design, software, web hosting, web positioning, and other areas. Within a very short period, she began to understand our business and designed our site to meet our needs with a minimal of input from us. You might say that she designed the site without us. She is both honest and efficient and it is my belief our website itself speaks for Elizabeth’s talent and creativity. As with all sites, there will be changes and additions, but
Elizabeth laid a strong yet flexible foundation on which we can build.

In addition to the site, Elizabeth has developed a training manual and personally trained two of our staff to manage our site. The result is our ability to add or alter numerous features within the site. My staff and I cannot recommend Elizabeth highly enough for her, skill, her willingness to ask for suggestions, and her patience when training or explaining. She will be a benefit to anyone employing her to design their site.
Please feel free to call me or any of my staff at any time.”

– George Gehl, President


“Our vacation rental website was just generic and unexciting until Elizabeth came along. Now we get so many compliments from guests who visit our website. I love to look at it myself because I just can’t believe it’s ours. She took us from a mom and pop’s look to big time almost overnight.”

– Kelly Steele, Owner


“Every time I send an agent or producer to [my site] to check it out, they always call back with a compliment about how impressed they are with my website. Elizabeth put a lot of creativity into the design and it’s paying off!”

– Chris Steele, TV Host, Corporate Spokesperson, and Actor

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