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About Us

Webmaster For Hire, LLC offers you the next generation of website design, development, and webmaster services.

Our clients want to have innovative website designs, automated and scalable strategic development, ongoing webmaster services retainer programs, ADA compliance service, and protective WordPress support services. Staying current on the latest technology changes and adaptable to create solutions for most unique problems, the creation of Webmaster For Hire was to enable clients to start on the right platform, grow their businesses, and scale.

Since 2001, Beth Varian & Webmaster For Hire have served local, national, and international clients in many industries. Hospitality, legal, medical, landscape, eCommerce, and other incredible sectors – we work with them all.

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Our Mission

The mission of Webmaster For Hire is first and foremost to help businesses to succeed. The opportunities offered by the Internet today are vastly more significant than 20 years ago. When done right, the Internet provides businesses an endless, targeted reach and interactivity prospective customers.

Though we serve most all business types, our primary clients are typically in the service, hospitality, retail industries. We partner with our clients to plan and implement tailored strategies for their online needs and goals.

Webmaster For Hire has the experience and expertise to design and craft a well-branded and user-friendly website, to manage the behind-the-scenes maintenance and support of our clients’ websites, and to keep on top of the ever-changing nature of the Internet.

“My goal is to help others succeed through the powerful world of the Internet. I love working with small to mid-size business owners. They typically don’t have a full-time staff member who can build, maintain, support, and scale a website, as well as protect their site with fast restoration after an attack.

I built this business to save our clients time by offering guidance and solutions to meet their online needs.”

Beth Varian


Another aspect of our mission is to be an ever-present webmaster, making communication with our clients essential. You’d be surprised at how many clients have shared tales of the “disappearing web person or company.”  To that end, we provide:

    • Workflow documents that give the status and progress of project-specific tasks.
    • Monthly retainer clients are informed as work requests are received and when the tasks are completed.
    • WordPress support and maintenance clients receive notification whenever their websites have been updated, including plug-ins.

Without question, helping our clients to succeed and keeping them fully informed are top priorities for Webmaster For Hire.

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Our Timeline

Webmaster For Hire is a company built on our desire to use our expertise to build, grow, and scale other people’s businesses. We did begin as a single person, owner Beth Varian, but then her clientele grew beyond one person’s ability to deliver quality services. That is when our team began to grow. Here is a closer look at our beginnings and growth.

  • 1995
    First Time Online

    In 1995, the term Internet was still unknown to most people. At that time, Beth used Earthlink with her 14.4 modem and 386 computer to connect to the internet. She hung out in IRC chat groups, enjoyed marketing newsgroups, and used Netscape to “surf the web” (visit websites).

  • 1996
    Self-Taught in the Basics

    By 1996, Beth was teaching herself fundamental HTML coding and various online marketing strategies by creating websites for herself. Working for a small, discount brokerage firm at the time, she took over responsibility for their three-page website creation.

  • 1997
    Finding Her Passion

    In 1997, Beth took on the creation of an entire business website for a chemical laboratory subcontractor company. She designed and developed the site from scratch, after which she set up and implemented their internet marketing plan and found she had a passion for all things internet!

  • 1998
    Hired by CBS SportsLine.com

    Having a foundation in website creation and internet marketing, Beth landed an impressive corporate position in 1998 as a Marketing Producer with the prestigious CBS SportsLine.com. As an SEO expert, it was her job to solve their main website’s SEO ranking issues and smaller sites like Golf.com, TigerWoods.com, and others.

  • 1999
    Took over CBS SportsLine.com’s Sports Career Property then Senior Producer for The SportStore

    From doing such an excellent job as a Marketing Producer, Beth, in 1999, was promoted to take on the responsibility of their Sports Career area of the main website. She was producing the website design and development, the marketing (online and trade show marketing), managing the professional partnership with Franklin Covey’s sports division.

    Approached by the SportsStore department, she received a promotion to a Senior Marketing Producer of their eCommerce website. Management saw her creativity and had her manage various big ad campaigns for the store. Also, she created product sales and sponsorships for a live video event at The Sports Super Show before the event. Then at the event was the associate producer of the interviews of various sports figures.

  • 2000
    Video Production Company Vice President of Development

    In 2000, she was hired away from CBS SportsLine.com by AllVideoNetwork, a video production company, to head their web development department as a Vice President.

  • 2001
    Independent IT Consultant for a Corporate Consulting Firm

    Wanting more autonomy in her work, she became an Independent Web Consultant for the global corporate consulting firm, Proudfoot Consulting. She redesigned the branding of their intranet system and worked on their website design.

  • 2003
    Independent Consultant for a Corporate Travel Consulting Firm

    Next, she took her skills to Corporate Cruise Consultants that handled air, cruise, and hotel trips and tours for large groups. Redesigning their website, managing their online marketing, and even helping with some other technical questions for various software needs.

  • 2005
    Independent Consultant for an Investment Reporting Firm

    2005 saw Beth working with Lowry’s Reports, the oldest reporting firm for investors. Even though her consulting work was lucrative, she was working long-term on single projects. Beth wanted to expand to help more businesses who didn’t have access to web developers with corporate experience.

  • 2006
    Webmaster For Hire Was Born!

    With Webmaster For Hire, Beth was finally able to fulfill her dream of helping entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses with an online presence. Initially, she focused on building websites only.

  • 2008
    Company Growth

    Webmaster For Hire expanded to online marketing with the questions and desires of each new client who wanted her to help beyond the site build. In 2008, she began offering internet marketing services to her clients, which entailed adding an internal team to help with the increased work.

  • 2014
    Webmaster For Hire Became a Digital Agency

    By 2014, Webmaster For Hire was offering website creation, SEO, local marketing, reputation management, and video marketing for its clientele, evolving into a digital agency versus just a website design and creation firm.

  • 2017
    Further Expansion in Services

    By 2017, Webmaster For Hire was offering support services for website monitoring, 24-hour repair and restore services for hacked websites, and more. Webmaster For Hire was assisting clients in fulfilling just about every need a small to mid-size business could need for their online presence, including video creation and podcast creation and marketing.

  • 2020
    Webmaster For Hire Refocused – Return to the Real Need

    In 2020, the internet once again becomes specialized. With so many changes to so many areas of online strategies, Beth wanted to make sure that the services provided were what clients needed. Scaling back on the services allows Webmaster For Hire to focus on helping business owners to start, grow, and scale their web-based presence.

    Webmaster For Hire focuses on website design builds, WordPress maintenance and support services (monitoring, updating, backing up, and hacked website repair/restore services), webmaster services (consulting, adding technology/functionality, and more) and ADA compliance services.

    Webmaster For Hire keeps focused on doing their very best for their clients, knowing their work will fully benefit their clients’ business success.

Beth Varian


As you can see from the timeline above, creation of Webmaster For Hire was just a natural progression in Beth’s career, as well as fulfilling her dream. She drew on her previous experiences to create a professional team with a single, customer-focused goal of helping other businesses succeed. Webmaster For Hire is Beth’s passion that she shares with her clients.

She loves teaching others how powerful a tool that the internet is – essential for all businesses today. She thrives on consulting with clients to discover their needs and goals, marrying them to tailor the best online success solutions.

Beth knows that to keep on top of the ever-changing technology associated with the internet requires constant research and learning. That what it takes to develop the right solutions for client needs. Thankfully, Beth loves this challenging part of her career.

“I enjoy becoming a solution for my clients. To hear, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that was possible!’ or “I love that!’ is music to my ears. It puts my thirst for learning and growing to good use for our clients. My passion for the internet today is the same as it was in 1995, when I first discovered this fantastic world.”
~ Beth Varian

Our Team

Like many companies today, we hire people in the United States and around the world, providing the best possible service for our clients. But unlike other companies, we don’t hide who we are, and we’re transparent with everyone. You only speak to a couple of American, native English speaking contacts – typically, Beth Varian herself. Yet, we are proud of our team members and enjoy telling people about them.

Webmaster For Hire has a partnered building in India with team members who work overnight (our time) on various Webmaster For Hire projects, keeping an eye out for emergencies and fixes. We have team members in the Philippines, Venezuela, and even Africa.

With an attitude of supporting American workers, Webmaster For Hire has team members located throughout the United States. We have team members in Pennsylvania, California, Iowa; plus, our American writers scattered across the U.S.

Our team consists of many different experts, including:

    • Website designers with a variety of aesthetics and abilities
    • A lead programmer and an I.T. specialist
    • Producers who pick up the miscellaneous work, for instance, adding content to websites
    • Beth Varian, herself, has the development and internet marketing background, as well as project management and leadership, to bring everyone together.

What is most important is that our team is a family. We support each other, not just as co-workers but as friends, as well. Scattered around the world, we unify to create success in all our projects.