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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” -Stephane Nappo


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Though required for online purchases under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, an SSL certificate protects ALL information sent between potential customers and your website – not just credit and debit card data. Information could include:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Log in data
    • Credit and debit card details

All this information can cause potential customers horrific problems in the hands of hackers; and it’s guaranteed those people won’t return to your business website if you put their information at risk!

An SSL Certificate Protects You!

An SSL protects your business, as well, by:

    • Securing information you send back to the customer, protecting your business data.
    • Protecting your business reputation.
    • Protecting your potential online business sales and dealings.
    • Garnering more online business for you.

Bonus Benefit

Another benefit of having an SSL certificate for your web site is the bonus of a slightly higher Google search ranking. Google’s search algorithm favors web sites with SSL protection, encouraging web site owners to get an SSL certificate to keep users safe.

How Does SSL Work?

When a potential customer sends you information through your website, hackers can intercept that information to use for identity theft, illegal use of credit or debit cards, and selling the information all over the Black Web to people who will continue to thrash victims’ reputation, identity, financial resources, and credit rating.

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate adds a layer of encryption to this personal information while in transit. It does this by verifying your website’s identity, and then encrypting any data sent to or from your website. So even if it’s intercepted, it has no meaning to the hacker.

Your customers know immediately if your site is SSL protected by the closed padlock that appears in the browser near your website address. This is visual proof that gives potential customers instant trust that it’s safe to send you personal information. Most people today won’t share personal data without seeing that locked padlock!

Our SSL Certificate Service

Webmaster for Hire is all about helping our clients succeed in their online business. To that end, we offer an SSL certificate with advanced validation, providing you with the highest level of authentication available.

Though the encryption is the same as standard certificates, our service requires you to complete an identity verification process at the time of contracting for the service, proving your business is legally registered and you actually own your domain name. This ensures a criminal isn’t attempting to clone your website for illegal purposes or illegally use your domain name.

Besides giving you added protection, your company name and country also appear next to the locked padlock, instilling even more confidence in your potential customers. They know you are a business that values their privacy and security.

$190/year for Advanced SSL Certificate Protection

    • Protects one website
    • Validates one business identity and domain ownership
    • One SSL certificate and installation
    • Supports 2048-bit public key encryption
    • Google will Like You! ?

It’s not enough today to trust that information to and from your website is secure. Even for businesses who don’t sell online but instead make appointments or just answer questions for potential customers – some personal information will be exchanged and you need to protect it!

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