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WordPress is a remarkable platform for allowing business owners to add/edit/delete their own websites without great effort.  With that ability comes regular updates to, not only WordPress itself, but to all of the third-party plugins you have to get all that great functionality that you wanted.  When you’re dealing with plugins and WordPress updates, you, also, open yourself to bugs or hacks for malicious people who don’t think of your site site as a business, but rather a target to use to download viruses, see if they can ‘have fun’ hacking, or whatever reason they choose. Trust me when I say – it’s never personal.

Because of all the above, you should have your WordPress and plugins backed up each month and updated regularly. Unfortunately, some updates can be ‘buggy’.  Having a programmer doing the updates means they can fix any issues the second they happen.  Sadly, like much maintenance that we, humans, should be doing in this world – we tend to put it off.  Your website is too important to ‘get to eventually’ for site updates.

Webmaster For Hire has created a low-cost solution for our clients to have our programmers backup and update WordPress and all the plugins monthly. If something is buggy, they are there to fix it immediately. Should a plugin create a security breech – we fix it.

We offer two monthly plans for Website Maintenance: Updates/Backups only or Updates/Backups plus 1 hour of content update.


“I have always felt that a smart manager hires people with the right skills for the jobs that they are unable to perform themselves. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or patience to update a website much less try to put one together. Webmaster for Hire took the information I gave them and put it together in a website that represents what I needed better than I expressed. They are insightful and aware of what the viewing public is use to and looks for.

I would recommend Elizabeth and her team in particular to the small business such as our office that needs someone to help them meet the new demands of advertising and reaching the public. As we all know it is constantly changing.”

– Gail H. Vastola, Business Manager


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