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“There’s no silver bullet solution with cyber security, a layered defense is the only viable defense” - James Scott


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WordPress Maintenance is Important for Your Website Security

“WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019. WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use.” WordPress Wikipedia

With any CMS (Content Management System) website, there are monthly updates, daily backups, and constant monitoring required for security. The structure itself and the plugins (added functions) regularly have monthly updates (just like your computer). These are for security patches, program updates, and added features.

Unfortunately, most business owners don’t remember to complete these tasks monthly or simply don’t feel comfortable in case something breaks.

Our WordPress Support service includes 24-hour repair and restore services should your website get hacked.

It’s the ugly side of having a website. Hackers use web searches to find out-of-date plugins, themes and core files with vulnerabilities that they know how to exploit!

It’s not personal, and all sites will experience brute force attacks regularly. These are systematic methods that hackers or their bots use, trying every possible password or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly to enter your WordPress admin area. The cost to clean up a hacked website can be expensive, but we include it in the service.

WordPress Support Services and Monthly Webmaster Retainer Services

Why Hire a Webmaster for Your WordPress Support Services?

We have the tools and skills to manage your website updates, backups and monitoring. Additionally, when a plugin releases an update but has a bug in it, we can restore that plugin until the plugin developers fix it. If a plugin deprecates (no longer supported by the developer), we can recommend a new one and install it.


The Process to Build Your Business Website

  • Step 1: Sign up for your preferred package. Get Us:

    • A unique W4H administrator account (Add New User),
    • Your current Hosting access information,
    • Your Domain Registrar information, and
    • If your theme was purchased or any premium plugins, let us know the access information for updates.
  • Step 2: Set-up:

    • All security and monitoring plugins are installed,
    • We run an initial manual backup for your website, and
    • We run all initial updates.
  • Step 3: Daily / Monthly Maintenance:

    • Backups auto-run every day storing to cloud-based storage,
    • Website monitoring runs 24/7, and
    • Updates run once a month
  • If Needed

    • Repair & Restore – 24-hours upon notification (by either monitoring or from you), we perform malware removal and repair for your website

Benefits & Features of WordPress Website Management

WordPress Theme Updates

A WordPress Theme is the overall look and feel of the website. If your website was built on a purchased theme, there’s a third-party developer who created it for your designer to help you build your website faster and, hopefully, at a more affordable rate, like we do at Webmaster For Hire.  The theme typically dictates add-on plugins, whether it’s Woocommerce ready or not, look of different page features.

By obtaining access to the site where your theme was purchased, we can then update it regularly. Besides security patches, bug fixes and new features added by the developers of themes, the WordPress core gets updated and requires the themes to update. A theme that doesn’t stay current with the core structure can cause compatibility issues and “glitches” in your visitors’ experience and use of the site.

For an eCommerce website using Woocommerce, theme files will need to be be updated when it has major version updates to keep your eStore working properly.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Plugins are added functionality to your website. Your designer or developer will use them to meet your needs that the “out-of-the-box” WordPress doesn’t meet.  Anything from galleries, contact forms, mail list sign-ups, and more. They allow you to get a website faster and more affordable than a developer building your website from scratch. But they do require your regular attention for updates and even replacements sometimes.

One of the leading website vulnerabilities culprits are plugins that have not been updated.  When WordPress updates its core and when developers find security issues with their plugins, they update the code and make it available.  Being available means you must install the updated code in your existing site.  These updates can be critical.

In addition to updates, plugins may need to be removed when no longer supported by their developers. This is called a ‘deprecated plugin’.  Deprecated plugins should be replaced with new plugins. PLEASE NOTE: Replacing deprecated plugins (and any premium plugin cost to replace) is not included in this service. But we can recommend new ones and give you a reasonable estimate to install and modify to the site, if necessary.

WordPress Structural Updates

The WordPress core structure is the mainframe for your website.  Before any plugins or themes are added, your core CMS is made up of 100s of coded files plus your database. It allows developers and designers to get to the look and feel (design) aspect faster. Before WordPress, websites with a lot of functioning pieces could take an entire year to create plus hundreds of thousands of dollars. When CMS core structures, like WordPress, came along, it was a game changer for small and mid-size business owners.

Keeping your core as updated as possible is highly essential for security purposes.  The developers of WordPress focus on fixing bugs (holes in the code as they discover them), adding new features and keeping up with the ever-changing web technology.

Automated Daily Cloud Backups

Daily data backups should be a must. Should your website get hacked, backup files are necessary to restore them. Automated backups mean there will be no missed days and no relying on humans to remember. They give your webmaster multiple options should any one or more backups become corrupted.  Multiple months are kept in case a hack happens but goes undetected for a week or two. We can restore the site with the cleanest copy. Many times, we may not need them. But it’s always good to be safe than sorry.

Security Monitoring & Uptime Systems

Continual intelligent security monitoring of your website helps to identify vulnerabilities, file changes, and attacks.  If your site goes down (no longer visible through a web browser), your webmasters can act promptly and fix any issues.  Continual malware scanning and protection alert your webmaster to potential security threats.

We rely on these systems and our customers to communicate with us at all times. Anything unusual should be reported to us immediately. Many times it is not a hack or issue, but you never know.  We can assess the situation and remedy issues.

WordPress Support Packages by Webmaster For Hire

All packages include:

Set up

  • On-boarding to our website monitoring,
  • Run a malware scan on the current website, and
  • Add security plugins.

Regular services perform:

  • Daily cloud backups
  • Monthly updates of WordPress structure, as available
  • Monthly updates of all plugins, as available/access given, and
  • Monthly updates of theme, as available/access given

As needed services included

  • 24-Hour malware repair and restore, upon notification by either site owner or via our monitoring service.

Basic WordPress Support:

  • Basic WordPress website with some functionality (i.e., gallery, portfolio, etc.)
  • Monthly payments of $100/month for one single or
  • Annual payment of $1,080 ($90/month) which includes SSL Certificate – $190 value, and
  • Both Billing Periods have a $150 one-time setup fee.

$100/month $1,080/year

Advanced WordPress Support:

  • eCommerce Site, Membership Sites, Multi-language sites, or WordPress Multi-site (up to 5 domains),
  • Monthly payments of $195/month for one single eCommerce website or one Multi-site (up to 5 domains) or
  • Annual payment of $2,220 ($185/month) which includes SSL Certificate – $190 value, and
  • Both Billing Periods have a $250 one-time setup fee.

$195/month $2,220/year

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! Someone hacked my website. Can you fix it?

Yes! If you only desire a  one-time only fixe, please reach out to us via our contact page.  Otherwise, simply get started with one of our plans, and we will repair and restore your site within 24 hours. It’s part of our initial set-up process. Make sure in the “Additional Information” part of the checkout form to state that you believe you currently have malware. This will alert us of the issue.

Do you clean up malware?

All our packages include malware cleanup. Cleaning malware includes:

  • Scan the site,
  • Remove all malware,
  • Check the website for any vulnerable areas
    (including outdated or deprecated themes or plugins with known vulnerabilities),
  • Then, we perform a security set-up to your website to protect against future attacks, and

Send you a list of any plugins requiring replacement and a plan of action to protect your website in the future.

If you believe your site has existing malware that you want to make us aware of, please make note of it in the “Additional Information” section of the checkout form.

Will this guarantee that my site will never be hacked?

No. We wish we could answer differently. Unfortunately, if Microsoft’s customers* can be hacked, anyone can be. There are too many potential paths that hackers can use to be able to guarantee a site won’t get hacked. HOWEVER, we do have a 24-hour repair and restore policy upon notification (by either our monitoring software or you via email or phone).

* “Around 1.2 million Microsoft accounts were compromised in just January 2020, and almost all of them could have been secured by enabling a single setting.”

How do I send you my login credentials & what is your onboarding process?

Choose your preferred plan and we will contact you for your credentials.

We will need:

  • Domain Registrar (where your www is registered (i.e., Godaddy),
  • Hosting credentials (i.e. log in data),
  • A unique administrator user account for us, and
  • Site and Credentials where your theme and any premium plugins were purchased, if known.

Once we receive all credentials, it will take up to 2 Business Days to complete.

Does it matter what hosting provider I'm using?

No. If you are with a web host provider that you are happy with, you can stay with them. We will log into that account and your domain to complete setup.

If you do not have a hosting account or prefer to leave your current host, we do have website hosting.

What if I have multiple (2+) sites that need to be maintained?

More than one website is not a problem. We can manage 1, 2, 10, 100, or more sites.

Is your website is a WordPress multi-site (WPMU, multiple websites as a network with a single login to manage all)?  Our Advanced Website Support package allows a multi-site with up to 5 domains.

If you have more than one website or subdomain for us to manage, you’ll need to purchase a package for each. Simply choose the package that is right for each of your sites.

If you have any question about which package is right for you, contact us and scheduled a free consultation. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Do you manage Woocommerce websites?

Yes. Our Advanced Website Support package allows for websites with Woocommerce, membership websites, multi-language or WPMU websites.  Since these websites take more resources to manage, we have created a package specifically for them.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes.  Our customers get our business number for during work hours (M-F, 9 am – 5 pm EST/EDT) and a cellphone number for after-hours emergencies.

Are there any websites that you do not support?

Yes, we do not allow any website that stores secure data (credit card numbers, medical information, social security numbers, or any information that requires high privacy level security) in the website’s database. Data of this nature requires storage in a highly secure, encrypted database.

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