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Web Security – Beware of Support Phone Number Scams

Web security starts with knowing what is real and what isn’t. You have to be a detective when you are searching online. Scammers and hackers run rampant. Americans are now so used to speaking to customer service reps from legitimate companies that they no longer question the legitimacy of companies when they call what they think is a real customer support number. The problem – there are tons of fake support number sites popping up that are NOT legitimate.

WordPress Support

Last week, one of our clients sent me an email that he called WordPress Support on and they told him he had a corrupted database and that they could resolve his issue for $50. He is not our first customer to tell me they called the WordPress Support phone number. Here’s the problem – WordPress is FREE, Open Source CMS, this means they aren’t paying for people to support their downloads. They do offer support with documentation and community forums. There is no support phone number.

This client’s database not corrupted. Luckily, he didn’t give any access to these scammers. Imagine paying $50 thinking it was a reasonable price to have a corrupted database cleaned up, only to realize that you paid someone to maliciously take your website down!

Google SEO Support

We had an SEO prospect tell us that he was going to work with Google’s SEO Support instead of paying a monthly fee to rank his site “and if it didn’t work out with them, he’d call us back.”  Here’s the problem – Google doesn’t have SEO Support. Google mostly hides their algorithm from everyone and isn’t charging to give it out nor does it provide services to rank within their own search engines. The most support you get from Google is this support page and an SEO Starter Guide for beginners.

In Google’s SEO support page, it says: “If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you’re considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.” Why would a company that offered inside support to rank in their site actually recommend hiring an SEO company to help you?

It would be counter-intuitive for Google to offer help and they’d get in a heap of trouble. It, also, wouldn’t serve their business. They’d end up losing ad dollars if people thought that was happening. It isn’t part of their business model. Now they DO have a support number for their paid services, like Adwords, GSuites, etc, etc, etc.

I don’t know who this gentleman was speaking to and my hope is that he didn’t give them any access to his computers nor his site.

Support Scams – Watch This 12-Minute Video!



Internet is a Valuable Highway with Some Questionable Drivers Out There

As much as we love the Internet, the super highway of information, we know it’s also filled with a lot of people out to do harm (steal money, destroy computer files,  use your system to spread malicious code, and more). We want to keep you safe as you are tapping into the digital world’s powerful ability to create an income, grow a business and keep connected to loved ones. It can be expensive not to be aware.

In the coming weeks, we will be creating a “be a detective” video to educate you how to protect yourself from clicking links in fake emails. In the meantime, do some research before trusting support found in the results.

Web Security for Your Business’ Site

Webmaster For Hire offers website security for keeping your site updated, regular backups plus 24-hour repair and restore service for any hacked site once we are aware. Learn more about this program by contacting us with the form below or visiting our Website Security Program page.

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