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Advanced WordPress Support Services

From: $195.00 / month and a $250.00 sign-up fee

WordPress Support Services – Advanced, Choose Annual or Monthly Billing Periods

  • eCommerce Site, Membership Sites, Multi-language sites, or WordPress Multi-site (up to 5 domains),
  • Monthly payments of $195/month for one single eCommerce website or one Multi-site (up to 5 domains) or
  • Annual payment of $2,220 ($185/month) which includes SSL Certificate – $190 value, and
  • Both Billing Periods have a $250 one-time setup fee.


WordPress Support Service Packages Include:

All Packages Include:

Set up

  • On-boarding to our website monitoring,
  • Run a malware scan on the current website, and
  • Add security plugins.

Regular services perform:

  • Daily cloud backups
  • Monthly updates of WordPress structure, as available
  • Monthly updates of all plugins, as available/access given, and
  • Monthly updates of theme, as available/access given

As needed services included

  • 24-Hour malware repair and restore, upon notification by either site owner or via our monitoring service.

Annual Billing Period

  • Includes SSL Certificate

WordPress Theme Updates

By obtaining access to the site from where your theme was purchased, we update it regularly. Besides security patches and bug fixes, many times, theme developers add new features to updates that may be beneficial to your website.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Plugin vulnerabilities caused by not updating them is the leading cause of website hacks.  Updates typically include security patches and updates for WordPress structural update changes. In addition to updates, plugins may need to be removed when no longer supported by their developers. PLEASE NOTE: Replacing deprecated plugins (and any premium plugin cost to replace) is not included in this service. But we can recommend new ones and give you a reasonable estimate to install and modify to the site, if necessary.

WordPress Structural Updates

Your WordPress core structure is the mainframe for your website. Before any plugins or themes are added, your core CMS is made up of over 100 files plus your database. It is highly essential to keep that core updated for security purposes.  Additionally, the developers of WordPress are continually adding new features that are beneficial for your website’s health and more.

Automated Daily Cloud Backups

Daily data backups are essential. Should your website get hacked, backup files are necessary to restore them. Automated backups mean there will be no missed days and no relying on humans to remember. They give your webmaster multiple options should any one or more backups become corrupted.

Security Monitoring & Uptime Systems

Continual intelligent security monitoring of your website helps to identify vulnerabilities, file changes, and attacks.  If your site goes down (no longer visible through a web browser), your webmasters can act promptly and fix any issues.

Malware scanning and protection alert your webmaster to potential security threats.


Cancel at anytime, no contract time period required.

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