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Digital Marketing, Website Design & Internet Security News for August 12, 2019 (SEO Tips, SEO for Real Estate Agents, Why WordPress, Israel Startups WordPress Wins, WordPress Forcible Updates, Website Security Prevention, Online Security Alerts)


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Now is the the time to put the nightmares to rest about getting your business online and staying current with your digital marketing. By hiring the right company, you can easily navigation the online waters of digital design and marketing, and the most important – your digital security.

Come on into the world of connecting with customers, prospects and guests. It’s a pretty terrific place to be.


SEO marketing is a must for any business seeking to be found. If your business chooses to be the ‘best kept secret’, then no worries – it’s not for you. But no company thrives in a digital world without ranking in the search results for your prospects and a search engine optimization company can alleviate the frustrations of figuring it out.

SEO Tips When URLs Differ for Mobile and Desktop

Owners of online stores have a lot on their plates working to keep products updated, new products added, customer service, ordering and stocking products, and more. Many tend to fall short in the online or digital marketing arena. One of the areas where it is imperative for an online shop owner to focus efforts on is mobile marketing. Making your website responsive is crucial for SEO marketing. Many times, the website’s page addresses differ online from their mobile view. This Practical Ecommerce blog advises how to handle the unique situation when your ‘www’ turns to only an ‘m’.

“Ecommerce site owners tend to dismiss mobile shopping, as there are typically fewer conversions on smartphones. But mobile shopping is on the rise. During November and December last year, shoppers on mobile devices accounted for 60 percent of the traffic and 40 percent of the sales online, according to Adobe’s holiday 2018 study.”

Article by Jill Kocher Brown


5 Much Needed Practices for Real Estate SEO in 2019

Most Real Estate Agents are fully focused on social media. It’s their “go to” source for online marketing. Missing the rankings in your location in the organic rankings of search results on Google means giving your competition the advantage. Become the local expert of the communities that you focus (or desire to focus) your sales.

“… if [real estate] agencies understood that half of all online revenue comes from web searches and that only 1% originates with social media. The bottom line is this. No matter how many people an agency has in its network, there will always be more undiscovered leads than the known ones. There are way more strangers looking for houses than the people you already know. Now for a few tips to turn those strangers into leads using correct SEO.”

Article by Phil Butler


Website Design (One Aspect of Digital Design)

Designing and redesigning your company’s website should be innovative, thrilling and moving your company forward. Create with the user’s experience (UX) in mind and the psychology of connecting with “getting the YES” in your prospective visitors. This will increase your bottom line.


WordPress is one of the most flexible and user-friendly website systems. We love how it can serve most any industry from the small solopreneur to the large energy corporations. You cannot go wrong with WordPress as your site structure – when you go with the right website designer who keeps your security in mind.

Why Is WordPress The Top Choice In Web Development? Let Us Count The Ways

WordPress is our preferred CMS (content management system) at Webmaster For Hire. For many of the reasons listed in this article and more. We like how user-friendly it is with all our clients that we build for – big and small companies. The functionality add-on is limited to your imagination. Therefore, most every type of company can tap into the benefits that WordPress offers.

“In a world where more and more top tier businesses are using WordPress, it behooves forward thinking companies to get on board as soon as possible. With WordPress hosting plans, a company is able to enjoy all of the aforementioned advantages and then some.”

Article by Melissa Cooks


How WordPress is being adapted to accommodate Israel’s burgeoning startups

WordPress’s flexibility is beating Wix in Israel for the CMS of choice for the growing number of startup companies. WordPress has several translations plugins that help them to have multi-language with ease.

“Israel is popularly known as the Startup Nation, and justifiably so – with a population of around 8.5 million, the country has the largest number of startups per capita in the world.

Thanks to WordPress’ supreme adaptability, local businesses can market themselves confidently to customers speaking Hebrew, Arabic, English or any other major language in a way that doesn’t negate the overall structure of their websites.”

Article by Dmytro Spillka


WordPress team working on daring plan to forcibly update old websites

One of the struggles of any developer is to keep all end-users in the most secure versions possible. When end-users, in this case self-hosted WordPress site owners, don’t keep the software up-to-date and keep versions that are years out of date, they open themselves to hacking opportunities. The team at WordPress is working on how to keep their end-users safe and secure.

“The goal of this plan is to improve the security of the WordPress ecosystem, and the internet as a whole, since WordPress installations account for more than 34% of all internet websites.”

Article by Catalin Cimpanu


Website Security

Website or digital security is the topic that dominates the latest news – every week. Sadly, this covers more news about additional sites being hacked. As the first article states, it is not personal and it’s not about how large your business is – it’s about getting access to your resources. This is why we created our Website Maintenance & Support Services to keep your website current on updates, backed up and gives a 24-hour repair and restore for any site that gets hacked. If Microsoft can be hacked, so can you. Like Microsoft, it doesn’t have to keep you offline.

Prevention is the way to go when it comes to WordPress security

WordPress websites that are monitored, are part of a security program and are set up with the right security measures to begin with, have a better chance of preventing an attack than those that do nothing but update their plugins and structure.

“A common misconception is that malicious hackers only target websites with large income, or those that store valuable sensitive information. However, WordPress websites generally get a lot of unwanted attention, which is why it’s important to take preventive measures from the get-go.

The good news is that (on top of basic measures such as having a robust updating strategy) WordPress offers you a lot of options to protect your website against hack attacks. Even simple implementations, such as enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can drastically improve the security of your website or eCommerce store.”

Articles by Mark Grima


Alert: Threat of Online Skimming to Payment Security

A PCI alert for ecommerce website owners to be aware of has been released.

“The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council has released a new alert. The alert warns of the threats of online credit card skimming to payment security.”

Article by Bill Bowman


Malicious Plugin Used to Encrypt WordPress Posts

Update all your plugins or join a security program to make sure someone is doing it for you. The follow plugin has been alerted as having issues.

“During a recent cleanup, we found an interesting malicious WordPress plugin, “WP Security”, that was being used to encrypt blog post content. The website owner complained of a newly installed and activated plugin on their website that was rendering their original content unreadable.”

Article by Krasimir Konov


How APPLE PAY Buttons can Make Websites Less Safe

Apple Pay is not unsecure itself. A researcher found that there are some issues of how safe your website is after integrating it.

“… at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, one researcher is presenting findings that this integration inadvertently introduces vulnerabilities that could expose the host website to attack.”

Article by Lily Hay Newman


City of Tyler officials explain website hack

This city in Texas has joined the ranks of other government websites that were hacked with graffiti.

“TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The City of Tyler’s website is still offline after it was compromised by a group of anti-government hackers. For nearly four days, residents have been unable to use the site to do things like pay for parking tickets and access other city services.”


Domino’s Pizza is locked in a legal battle over the future of web design

An accessible website is one that enables the blind to be able to visit your website without issues.

“The pizza company has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear a three-year-old case that deals with whether Domino’s is legally required to make its websites and apps accessible to all users.”


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