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12 Reasons Why Video Should Take an Important Role in Your Digital Marketing Campaign


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Can Video Marketing Really Grow Your Business?

You cannot underestimate the power or the importance of video marketing in your digital marketing campaign, but many businesses still do. If your campaign is in need of a boost or you just want to harness the power of new technology, then it’s time to consider incorporating video marketing.

The use of video marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years. The internet, and especially apps,  are full of quick-view, high-content videos. If your business is not grabbing a share of that market, it’s about time to start.

Video marketing is one way to reach your customer on an interactive level.  Research has shown that people prefer to learn about products through video instead of reading or through static images.

If you thought that video marketing was out of your reach because it’s over your head, too technical or too expensive, it’s worth taking another look.  Advances in technology have made it easier, less cumbersome, and more within reach for the average business owner.

Still not sure if a video marketing campaign is right for you and your business? The proof is in the data.

#12 – Videos increase understanding of a product or service by 74%

Video marketing allows for people to hear your message, learn about your product and get a feel for your company within a few short minutes.  Your product information will be more meaningful when it’s described in video versus on the page.

#11 – 45% of internet users view at least one video per month

What would happen to your business if you were able to reach 45% of the millions of internet users on a monthly basis? If you don’t think that video marketing reaches masses of people, think again.

#10 – 46% of users take action after watching a video

Almost half of all viewers take some kind of action after watching a marketing video. That could mean they visit a website, search for more product information, seek out reviews, or actually make a purchase. If you get 10 people to watch your video, at least 4-5 of them will seek further information or make some type of move toward your product or service.

#9 – YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world

This one bears repeating – YouTube is the 2nd in the world in search engines. People are purposely seeking out videos when they search for items, products, information and how-to’s. If anything, this one fact should prove the power of video marketing.

#8 – 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

The pace of business is moving at the speed of light and yours can’t be left behind. Businesses and individuals are uploading video content at an incredible pace and with immediate results. Everyone is looking for a bite at the apple and trying new ways to attract and retain customers. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to interact with customers in a new way and help to build your business.

#7 – 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video versus reading a description

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, then a video must be worth a thousand more. People are reacting to the interactive and educational nature of videos. Just shy of 2/3 of people are willing to make a purchase after watching a video instead of reading about a product.

#6 – 100 million internet users watch videos on YouTube each day

Don’t you want a crack at the chance that your video marketing could be one of the video watched by a few of the 100 million people?

#5 – 74% of millennials find videos helpful in comparison shopping

Millennials make up a huge part of the economy and will continue to grow the economy in years to come. Being able to reach this group of people is critical in maintaining and growing a business. If your product videos and demos weren’t there for consumption, chances are your competitor’s is.

#4 – 40% of consumers state that videos increase the chance that they will make a purchase

Video content makes it 40% more likely that a customer will buy your product. With those odds, it’s hard to imagine why businesses wouldn’t invest in their digital marketing campaign.

#3 – People are 10x more likely to comment on or share a video versus a post

This means huge exposure each time your video is shared. And it means exposure to passive customers that you may not have ever reached. Having your video shared or tweeted or liked can immediately increase your online presence and reach new customers and markets.

#2 – Greater feedback opportunities

Through simple analytics you can tell how many times your site has been visited or a product has been viewed. But can you tell if a section of your blog has been reread? Or what part of your site most interested the viewer? With video marketing, you have a continuous feedback loop. You can see what parts of the video worked and had impact on people. Or you can tell at what point people stop watching and make the necessary changes to your video.

#1 – 12% of users purchase a product after viewing a video

Increasing your sales is a simple as getting a high quality, engaging video in front of internet users on a regular basis. With that simple step, an average of 12% of those users will purchase your product or service.

An investment in any marketing campaign is big undertaking and financial commitment for all businesses. Video marketing is proven to be the most effective digital marketing tool to date. Businesses cannot underestimate the importance of video marketing.

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