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Why Reputation Management Should Be Your Primary Concern


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The facts of reputation management:

Fact: You are in business to generate revenue

Fact: Loyal customers are your best promotion

Fact: Your success depends on the customer’s Good Will

Fact: One bad review in the wrong place, on the wrong site, can drop your revenue drastically

All business owners know this, but when it comes to protecting their wealth they often take a reactive approach instead of creating a proactive, preventative campaign to protect your life’s work.

You Don’t Deserve the Negative Review

There are many businesses that offer good customer service, quality, reliability, and skill. They really care about their customers.  But one negative review can reduce the number of people who visit your website.

We’ve all heard the 67% statistics. 67% of all shoppers start the buying process using Mobile search. This means that 67% of all shoppers are online trying to determine whether they trust Brand A or Brand B more.

Local Business Reviews = Reputation

The less presence you have on the internet the more power a negative review has. In Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising study, 70% of global consumers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions.

Developing a 5-star online reputation will lead the customer to your business. Remember that over 50% of all sales start online, but they end with someone making a phone call or walking through your business door.

SEO is not Reputation Management

Most business owners fail to realize that consumers want information that will help them make the best purchase. They do not want to be told. The gap between reputation management and SEO started widening in 2013 and there is no end in sight. Both are important. Both are necessary.

Small business shouldn’t try to make a decision whether they need SEO or reputation management. They should look for a company where the SEO team and the Reputation Management team work in tandem to create a strong internet marketing platform.

As mobile devices dominate local purchasing, companies need the SEO power of ‘conversion to buyer, and local SEO. As the power of review sites continue to grow, businesses need the ‘human and behavior’ expertise of a proven company.

One Powerful Benefit of Positive Reviews

Ask any company that has participated in online reviews for a couple years. They will tell you that Reputation Management campaigns have a good Return on Investment. This is because an outstanding online reputation will bring Pricing Power.  The better your online Brand the less you need to defend your price against competitors.

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