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Why Pinterest for Your Business?


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Business Owners Want to Know What are the Perks of Using Pinterest

Many business owners struggle to decide which social media platforms to participate in. Pinterest for business is one of the most overlooked platforms. Pinterest can give a business exposure to unreachable markets by putting you in front of consumers that have not heard of you or your products and services. As social media expands, there are two distinct paths that consumers are using. The first is search, using Google, Bing or another search engine to find information on a product or service they have already decided they need.The second is the discovery method. Customers discover products or services that they did not even know they wanted or needed. Pinterest for business gives us access to these potential customers.

Pinterest is viral by nature; eighty percent of pins are repins. This means people are mostly sharing ideas. Businesses that post original content can expect their products or services to be noticed. When you build followers, your business will perpetuate. You can also pick up unexpected endorsements since a lot of people on Pinterest are bloggers, celebrities and other people of influence.

Pinterest for Business is Excellent for Marketing

Pinterest for your business allows you to use its unique board system to set up specific boards to show to customers using you products. How to videos can be posted on one board for instructional purposes, and you can set up on a different board that that has all your press related information. Most customers cannot be bothered to go to a page on your website that just has your press clippings. They will, however, look over a board that has a visual representation of your accomplishments.

After implementing Pinterest into a marketing plan, most businesses find that a website’s traffic statistics shows a measurable impact. This is a great help in determining return on investment.

Sometimes certain types of businesses, such as service based or locally owned, do not think that Pinterest can benefit them. This could not be further from the truth. A service based business could easily post videos of the service they provide. This would show consumers how thorough they are and why they should hire you instead of trying to do it themselves. Local businesses can also benefit. Restaurants could pin pictures of dishes they serve along with photos of patrons and events held there.

Although Pinterest is not a difficult platform to master, you should have someone dedicated to handling it. The best benefits are derived through consistent participation. Commenting on other peoples pins will lead to people following you. This is how Pinterest can assist in leading many pinners to discover your business.

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