What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing, also referred to as internet marketing or web marketing, is the process of using internet advertising to make your audience aware of your business.  As the internet, nowadays, has become a crucial medium for the delivery of information, all businesses – whether big or small – are using online marketing to increase awareness about their products/ services.

If you want your business to grow, increase traffic to your website, sell more products, provide more services, become a popular company and increase brand awareness, then investing into online marketing is a must.

What Online Marketing Encompasses

To understand about how online marketing works, let’s discuss different areas covered by it:

  • Web Banner or Banner Advertising- This is one of the oldest modes of internet marketing. It involves placing banner ads on other websites relevant to the target audience.
  • Search Engine Marketing- It works through different techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion which can be used by companies to increase their visibility in the search engine page results from Google and its competitors.
  • Email Marketing- Email marketing covers all the online marketing activities a business undertakes through emails and newsletters. The businesses which opt for email marketing send promotional emails directly to their customers. Here, businesses can have direct communication with their customers and in this sense it comes close to direct marketing in offline businesses.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing works through the cooperation between two sides. In this form of internet marketing, companies recruit associates to promote their products/services.  The associates get a commission or other similar rewards for attracting every sale, visitor, or customer to the company. Both the parties benefit from the process.

The Benefits Of Online Marketing

A company can opt for any of the above discussed forms of internet marketing, depending upon the nature of business. Online marketing is highly beneficial as it is practical, convenient and affordable. The businesses opting for internet marketing get a great opportunity to track the results coming out of the whole process. Online marketing enables even the small businesses to compete in a global market which otherwise might be a difficult task for them. Online marketing provides them a platform through which they can make their presence felt in the global marketplace.

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AUTHOR - Beth Varian

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