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What is a Social Network: A Peek at the World’s Most Popular Social Networking Sites


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What is a social network?

Nevertheless, a social network is a website where you can connect with your friends and family, whatever part of the world they may be in. With these sites, you are also able to share pictures, videos, and other files and information within your network.

Most of the social networking websites today have been given the necessary upgrades so that you are able to keep in touch with people from around the world and provide or send them with any kind of information. Many of them also allow you to create groups so you can see and even connect with people who have similar interests to you. The best part of it all is that you can join in these social networks for free.  Get to know some of the most well-known social networking sites today to get a better grasp of what is a social network.


This is the fastest growing social networking site to date. What was once a group for students in a university has now expanded to include practically anyone from different parts of the world. Today, millions of people have Facebook accounts and its number of members still continue to grow. This is the perfect example of what is a social network. You can search for people, view friends, and even connect with people that are in the same location, attend the same school, or work in the same company.


Its popularity might be slowly declining as Facebook’s grows but this was once one of the pioneers in social networking. It still has 200 million users today and attracts a much younger demographic than Facebook does. Recently, this has become a hub for artists and starting musicians to promote their music.


This is a social networking site designed for working professionals and businesses to connect with colleagues and other business professionals. It also allows companies to contact their clients, partners, and customers. Members can post their resumes and even gain recommendations from former employees and employers.

There are still so many social networks available today. By learning about Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn, you should now have a good understanding on what is a social network.

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