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Dupuytren Foundation’s Nonprofit Website

Dupuytren Foundation’s Dr. Charles Eaton manages the foundation’s website. Dr. Eaton knows how to code, knows Javascript and has the experience to build out the site but didn’t have the time.

Because Dr. Eaton didn’t want the site tied to one webmaster and lose any amount of control, we set up his site on his preferred third-party host server.  We, also, provided him with all of the site’s documentation to give him the full control he desired.  He can do his own technical support but we’re always here for any questions he may have.

I’ve been hand coding websites since 1997. Seven years ago, I decided to use a website design company, and got locked into an expensive subscription to a proprietary system – a trap. I went back to hand coding for a few years, but the shift to mobile device friendly sites forced my hand to upgrade my site. With great reservations, I looked into outsourcing the job for a complete site rewrite. My brother (not a techie) recommended Webmaster for Hire because they had fixed his site when he was in a bind. I wound up using Webmaster for Hire and I’m happy I did – pleasant, detail oriented, fast and inexpensive for a complete conversion to WordPress. The old site had twists and turns and a lot of custom coding, but the transition was painless, faithful to the original, and the new site runs smooth as a goose. The entire job took a couple of weeks – would have taken me months. Money well spent, and I’m very satisfied.”

Charles Eaton MD, Dupuytren Foundation

Type of Project: WordPress Website
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Medical Nonprofit Website



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