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Website Design 101: Updating Your Homepage, Why and How Often?


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Your homepage is a customer’s first impression of your business. It is the #1 landing page, and the #1 exit page on most websites. Here are some tips that will help you understand the homepage’s importance and how to improve your management of it.

Websites Cannot be Static

You would never think of leaving a store front static, or not changing things up inside the store. This is because consumers have very short attention spans. If they are not continually engaged, then they will become bored and move on to the next website.

Today’s sales need to have a strong entertainment value to them. They also need a strong branding. This creates a very fine balance when editing the home page.

Colors, logos and ‘branding’ should stay the same. It doesn’t necessarily need to stay in the same place. If you do make any changes they need to be ‘bigger and better’ – never less. If you can’t meet customer expectations then exceed them.


It doesn’t matter which niche or market your website is in, it needs to change with the seasons. It needs to follow the ‘social flow’. A website that is static is dead. When consumers are in a Christmas or spring mood, then they will respond most to a website that meets their expectations and has an emotional impact that matches their own.

This has far more to do with emotions than placing a Christmas graphic up in December. What message are you sending consumers? Does it match the general mood of the consumer?

Be Personal

A website that changes communicates. Today’s consumers want to deal with real people. The #1 activity on the internet is communication. In the past the adage ‘make it and they will come’ worked on the internet.

There are so many websites selling the same products and services as your website. Consumers have more of a choice than they ever did before. They also have more power. They can leave reviews that will have a positive or negative impact on future revenues.

How can you protect yourself from bad reviews and increase sales from your website?

  • Communicate with consumers
  • Make your website look like a real person manages it
  • Address typical consumer concerns
  • Make your website look like you are not out ‘just for yourself’ but care about your consumers
  • Make it apparent that you offer after sale support

What is Trending?

Your customers know what is trending. They know the latest news, newest products, and what to expect from your service.

Websites lose credibility when it appears that they are uneducated and behind the trends.

Updating Your Homepage, Why and How Often?

Address the above concerns and you will know when to update your homepage. Some homepages will be updated continually, while others only need seasonal updates. The answer lies in your consumers. What do they want? What do they like? How often do they visit your website?

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