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W4H Spotlight Client: Tiber Limo Limousine Services Italy


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W4H Spotlight Client: Tiber Limo Limousine Services – Rome, Italy

We are excited to share in this month’s W4H Spotlight Client blog post about our long-standing client in Rome, Italy – Tiber Limo – Limousine Service in Italy.

Tiber Limo is a car service (limousine service) company that offers shore excursions, airport transfers, and even day tours in Rome, Florence, and other Italian cities and much more.

About Tiber Limo Private Limo Services in Rome, Italy

Andrea Santucci, the founder and owner of Tiber Limo, started the car service company in 2008.  His goal was to elevate the industry to a higher standard of professionalism for both tourist and businessmen and women.  The result is a personalized experience for all their clientele.

Tiber Limo has a fleet of high-quality luxury Mercedes-Benz® cars and minivans. They are fully insured with licensed drivers who are professional and highly qualified.  This translates to a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Services they offer include, but not limited to:


Need something more customized? Contact them for a quote ahead of time.

Journey with Webmaster For Hire

Andrea reached out to us in 2009 with the goal of reaching more Americans who were traveling to Italy.  We had full-service marketing plans back then. We began hosting the website, tweaked the website’s front-end for a more user-friendly UX, and completed SEO services monthly.

We’ve continued to work with Tiber Limo for the past 14 years as their host.

“I’ve traveled to Rome to meet with Andrea and his team.  The first thing you must know about Andrea is his optimistic disposition is contagious.  The second is that the level of professionalism that he and his drivers bring is 5-star.  When I was there, I had a sprained ankle. That made it difficult to do a lot of the tourist sites. Andrea made sure I didn’t leave the country without experiencing as much as I could. Took to me to the sights I could experience and photo opportunities that aren’t commonly known.  Everything from a private vineyard tour, to recommended restaurants and more.

Besides experiencing their services firsthand, I’ve also had the privilege to watch Tiber Limo grow.  I’m so proud of the work they’ve done and how Andrea has led this company. It’s an honor to serve them all these years later.” – Beth Varian

Visit Tiber Limo

If you are going to visit Italy and want more than the basic tour bus experience, we highly recommend reaching out to Tiber Limo. Contact them to make your visit a wonderful experience.

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