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W4H Spotlight Client: Research Specialists, LLC


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This month’s W4H Spotlight Client highlights a client we’ve known for 14 years and counting. Research Specialists, LLC.

Stephen and Sandi Byrne have been very happily married for 44 years and are going strong.  They are a go to resource for research and educational consultation that have served an array of businesses and organizations.

About Research Specialists

After Sandi retired as a Principal of a Primary Years International Baccalaureate Programme and completing 30 years in a south Florida school district serving as a certified Social Studies classroom teacher, Library Media Specialist and then school administrator, she decided to start a business supported by and partnering with her husband Steve.  Steve retired after more than 30 years from the school district. He served as the Assistant Director of the Department of Multicultural Education after serving as the Social Studies Specialist for Secondary Education. He is the consummate resource for history and doing what is right for the benefit of all students and a proud Veteran of the United States Army.

Research Specialists, LLC, combined their vast knowledge of history and education to offer services to help film makers, museums, grant seekers, educational professionals, and more.  You can learn more about their research and education consulting services at their website.

Sandi Byrne has recently authored the book, “We Are Smitten with Our Kitten Bumpy! AKA: Brambles Bumpy Byrne.” She wrote a delightful story the journey of their kitten Bumpy and how she became part of the Byrne family. Soon to be released by Fulton Books: https://fultonbooks.com/books/?book=we-are-smitten-with-our-kitten-bumpy-aka-brambles-bumpy-byrne.

Services with Webmaster For Hire

We had the opportunity to build the Research Specialists, LLC website and to be their host since the beginning.

Website design the way you want it.  When we build your site, we work with you throughout the process getting approvals along the way.  You choose when you want to redesign your website. We will never pressure to change a website when a client sees no reason for it.

Journey with Webmaster For Hire

In 2009, Sandi & Stephen Byrne came into our then downtown West Palm Beach office to discuss developing their business website.  We have had the privilege of serving them with website hosting ever since.

“’The happiest couple on the planet.’ That’s how I would describe Sandi and Stephen Byrne.  They retired and then started a new business.  They’ve shown that there is never a bad time to start fresh.

Research Specialists, LLC, are among many of our longstanding clients.  Our clients and their businesses matter to us.  There’s no puffery to it.  We truly make our clients’ needs a priority while celebrating their successes along the way.” – Beth Varian

Visit Research Specialists

If you’re looking for historical accuracies and research or educational consulting, reach out to Research Specialists LLC at https://researchspecialistsllc.com/

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