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W4H Spotlight Client: Louis Schneiderman


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W4H Spotlight Client: Louis Schneiderman, Contemporary American Artist

Sharing information about our clients and their businesses has become the highlight of our month.  We love our clients and feel honored to be part of their success journey.

This month we are spotlighting painting and drawing artist, Louis Schneiderman.

About Artist Louis Schneiderman

Florida native, Louis Schneiderman, studied at the University of Akron and has lived in both South Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.  His art has been featured in many publications and solo exhibitions.  They can be viewed here: https://louisschneiderman.com/gallery/

In the beginning of his artistic career his work revolved around spiritual growth. His work ranges from small drawings to large-scale paintings.  He demonstrates love and devotion in his work by incorporating the parenting images of a father and son, and a mother and child.  You’ll also find a variety of themes that include current and historical events, musicians, and writers.

Louis Schneiderman’s artwork has been commissioned for private and corporate collections. Some corporate collections include Saks Fifth Avenue International, The Arthur Blank Foundation, The William Bremen Jewish Home, Nordstroms and Temple Sinai in Atlanta Georgia.

Louis’s studio is located in Palm Beach Gardens.

Services with Webmaster For Hire

Louis Schneiderman’s website was designed and developed by Webmaster For Hire. We worked with him to display his artwork and tell his story.  After the website’s completion, Louis continued to with our WordPress Support Services.

Monthly we ensure that the Louis Schneiderman website is kept up to date and secure for his visitors to enjoy his site without worrying about malicious attacks.  Should his site get hacked, he has the peace of mind of that we will get his site repaired and restored within 24 hours of notification.


Journey with Webmaster For Hire

Louis came to us via a referral from one of our other clients. He wanted to be able to update his own website. At that time, we brought his existing design into WordPress and taught him how to manage his site.  After a while, he wanted to update his design to something more custom.  All along the LouisSchneiderman.com website has been under our WordPress Support Services.

“Louis is an absolute delight to work with. His artwork is beautiful, and he has a vision for displaying it. Louis likes to learn, and we love to teach.” – Beth Varian


Visit Louis Schneiderman

Want to see Louis’s art? Visit his online here: https://louisschneiderman.com/gallery/


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