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W4H Spotlight Client: JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc.


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W4H Spotlight Client: JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc.


At Webmaster for Hire (W4H), we are one big family, and we love our clients. We help them tell their story and grow their businesses online. That is why we started this monthly W4H Spotlight Client series that highlights our clients and the amazing work we do together.



This month, we proudly feature JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc as our W4H Spotlight Client!  Read on to learn more about the company, what they do and their amazing journey with W4H.

About JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc

JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc was started in 2005 with the primary objective of offering continuing education to building and fire code officials, construction professionals, and design professionals, nationally and internationally.

The company boasts a team of highly experienced staff members that helps it to deliver comprehensive construction and design education classes regarding safety standards, state statutes, and codes.

The company’s mission is to increase professionalism in construction, design, and administration sector, thereby increasing the overall safety level in the built environment.

JC Code & Construction offers courses and training for construction professionals in three ways: Online self-directed courses, webinars, and in-person classroom training.  They, also, offer grant-funded training.

Their Advance Course Accreditation program is fully approved by the Florida Building Commission as an Advanced Continuing Education Course Accreditor.

They are an ICC Preferred Provider with an increased number of topics and options to choose from.

JC Code & Construction also offers code consulting that involves thoroughly reviewing plans before submission to identify any code and/or design deficiencies.

The company remains one of the most preferred trainers for code and construction industry professionals. They are your go-to provider for continuing education for construction departments and companies.


JC Code & Construction’s Services with Webmaster For Hire

JC Code & Construction works closely with Webmaster For Hire to ensure their students get the best quality classes with technology that both the students and the teacher can easily use. They have taken advantage of our website design, WordPress Support, Microsoft 365 Business Email & Software, and photography services to keep their website up to date.

Together, we have helped JC Code & Construction increase its brand visibility with a functional and highly responsive website that makes it easy for users to browse through courses, register for upcoming webinars, and find the right training course for their needs.

Our WordPress Support Services focus on daily backups, monthly updates, and constant monitoring required for enhanced security. The service also includes a 24-hour repair and restore package should their website be hacked.

Our photography services have added a more personalized touch to John Farinelli’s about page.

JC Code & Construction have also taken advantage of our Microsoft 365 Business Email & Software service to help them stay connected with their clients and provide a modern, professional look for their business email.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc and helping them reach their goals!

Webmaster for Hire Journey with JC Code & Construction

JC Code & Construction initially came to us looking for help with integrating LearnDash LMS into their existing website. We were able to successfully implement the intricate integration and help them launch their online courses in no time. Shortly after, they requested a new website redesign.

After several years and revisiting their business goals, their needs changed along with how our society learns.  More people understanding on-demand learning, we worked with JC Code to completely redesign their website.

The new website incorporated all training materials and the most up to date LearnDash LMS plugin, Event Calendar plugin and more to ensure users had the best possible experience when browsing and registering for courses.  They have full control and ability to add, edit and delete courses, schedule webinars and list in-person trainings. They are self-managing their entire website with the occasional question to Webmaster For Hire.

They use Microsoft 365 professional email and software for higher security and spam controls.

At Webmaster For Hire, we are proud of our work with JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc and continue to provide support as needed.

A Word from Our CEO About JC Code & Construction

Our CEO, Beth Varian, is a great admirer of the work JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc has done over the years and is proud to have them as part of our portfolio. Here is what she had to say about the company:

JC Code and Construction Consultants absolutely love what they do. It’s abundantly clear when you first speak with them. They care about delivering the most accurate teachings students.

 One of the first things we do is learn what our clients’ future goals are for their businesses. John and Coleen were looking to use more technology to connect them with their students. We built them a website to make that happen for them and that they could manage on their own, as they wanted.

 We love working with JC Code. They are very down-to-earth people who care about delivering the most current code lessons to industry professionals. Their passion is contagious!

Are You Looking for On-Site, Web-Based or In-person Training? Hire JC Code & Construction

If you are looking for building and fire code on-demand, webinar or in-person training from industry professionals, look no further than JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc.

You can learn more about the company by visiting its site here.

Join Our Growing Family Today!

We are excited to have been part of the journey with JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc. Our team has enjoyed working on this project and helping them reach their goals.

You, too, can be part of our growing Webmaster For Hire family. We invite you to join us today and start your own journey of growing your online presence with us!

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your business goals. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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