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W4H Spotlight Client: Hempful Farms CBD


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W4H Spotlight Client: Hempful Farms CBD

W4H Spotlight Client monthly series is where we introduce you to one of our amazing clients.  In honor of 4/20, we have chosen to feature a fantastic CBD company.  This company’s journey has been so intriguing that it was featured in a documentary.

Hempful Farms CBD is in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a family-owned and operated CBD product company.  They offer top-quality products that include CBD Oils, CBD for Pets, CBD-infused KT Tape for Sports, and much more.  They have over 100 products to browse through.


About Hempful Farms CBD

Hempful Farms CBD was founded by Chris and Andi Martin.  He is a chef, and she is a stay-at-home mother.  A survivor of Crohn’s disease, Chris discovered the medicinal side of Cannabis.  His story leading up to how Hempful Farms CBD came into being is riveting. So much so that it is a documentary that you can buy or watch online (we recommend it).

Married for over 15 years, Andi and Chris used their passion for CBD in their products. They love to educate about CBD and share their story.


Services with Webmaster For Hire

Hempful Farms CBD uses Webmaster Retainer Services and WordPress Support Services.

Our WordPress Support Services helped get hosting problems fixed.  Also, it keeps their website’s core structure and plugins current.

The Webmaster Retainer services have become a lifeline for Hempful Farms CBD.  They send a text or email for emergency needs fixed and get answers to their questions.


Journey with Webmaster For Hire

They contacted Webmaster For Hire to find a new developer to help with their website.  There were fixes needed for some immediate issues. Later we helped them understand some unscrupulous activities on their site.

The Hempful Farms CBD website was created by a developer that these two non-tech-savvy store owners trusted.  This developer appears to have abused their trust.  To such an extreme that our CEO, Beth Varian, – who thought she had seen and heard it all – was shocked at every turn.

The developer “allegedly” was stealing thousands of dollars each month from the company.  In December 2022, their website went down out of the blue.

It turns out that the previous developer “allegedly” put the company’s domain name up for auction. It was a shock to Chris and Andi; they had no idea.  The domain name was sold and there was zero recourse to get it back. The winner of the auction paid $800 for it (an unsuspecting third party).  Their response to hearing that Hempful Farms CBD wanted it back – ask for thousands of dollars to sell it to them.  Not a chance!

We learned through GoDaddy that it is difficult to detect if someone does this to an owner. You have a few too many clicks that you must go through to see if a domain is up for auction. Webmaster For Hire worked with Chris and Andi to get a new domain and get the website back up and running. They had to change it everywhere they marketed it and email customers to notify them of the new website address.


“I am completely shocked by the audacity of a ‘professional’ to do some of the things that we’ve found done to Hempful Farms CBD.  We were honored to assist and help Chris and Andi.  They are honest and decent people with a heart for helping others.

I use their products and find the quality to be better than other CBD products that I’ve used in the past. “ – Beth Varian


Visit Hempful Farms CBD

Hempful Farms CBD offers quality CBD products for humans and our furry family members. Whether day to day aches and pains or recovering faster from a hard workout, Hempful Farms CBD has a product for you.  Check out their website here.

Want to know more about Chris’s story? Can buy the DVD here or learn more about it here.


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