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W4H Spotlight Client: Forgotten Soldiers Outreach


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W4H Spotlight Client: Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

Webmaster for Hire is one big family of happy clients who have benefited from our services over the years. We are proud to help them share their stories online through their websites.

Our monthly W4H Spotlight Client series highlights businesses and nonprofit organizations that have experienced success through their partnership with us.

We are delighted to feature Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc. this month. Read on to learn more about them, their journey with us, and the wonderful work they are doing to help our servicemen and women stationed overseas.


About Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc.

Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports active-duty military personnel serving overseas. They mainly provide “We Care” packages containing a wide range of essential items such as snacks, recreational items, and toiletries.

The packages are donated monthly to individuals, squads, platoons, and brigades during military-based tours abroad. Forgotten Soldiers Outreach collects these items from well-wishers and stores them in the organization’s warehouse in Lake Worth, Florida.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has shipped over 480,000 packages to soldiers in more than 28 different countries.

The organization also receives funding in the form of grants and contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is fully committed to providing long-term support to U.S. servicemen and women in foreign countries.

Over the years, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has become a nationally recognized organization receiving support from all parts of the country. They are fully determined to ensure no soldier is ever forgotten in their mission to protect our freedom and serve our beloved country.

They are also looking forward to collaborating with other military care package organizations to increase the reach of their mission.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach: Evolution and Current State of Affairs

Founded in 2003, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is excited to celebrate two decades of great service to our deployed servicemen and women. Their monthly “We Care” package distribution has made them a trusted partner of the U.S. military and other government agencies.

The organization continues to be driven by its core values of respect, integrity, and commitment. They ended 2022 with approximately 6,900 registered recipients in December alone – the highest number they have ever had.

The rising number of recipients clearly indicates continued deployment throughout the world.

The packages are mainly shipped to Saudi Arabia, Diego Garcia, Japan, United Kingdom, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Haiti, South Korea, Djibouti, Poland, Germany, and the Naval Ships in the Arabian Sea.

With the rising number of recipients, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach desperately needs more support to continue providing these packages to our great servicemen and women. To facilitate this, the organization has made it easier for individuals and businesses to donate by creating an Amazon Wish List that you can view here.

Feel free to join them in supporting the organization by sending love, care, and support to their deployed service men and women with a donation through their Amazon Wish List.

Letters of encouragement to our servicemen and women is the most critical item of Forgotten Soldiers Outreach’s care packages for deployed soldiers. You can easily visit here to write a letter online.

Because these letters are so important, schools from all over the country are invited to participate in the organization’s writing program. You can learn more about this initiative from the Educators’ Link.

Services with Webmaster For Hire

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is a special partner of Webmaster For Hire, and we are proud to be associated with them. We have worked closely with them, while they take advantage of our website design services to create a more engaging website and an online donation platform. This has enabled them to reach out to potential donors from all over the country.

Taking advantage of our WordPress Support Services, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has also been able to increase its website security and performance.

We work round the clock to ensure their site is backed up daily and monitored 24/7 to enhance security. Our WordPress support services guarantee a 24-hour repair and restore package should your site be hacked.

The organization also enjoys our Microsoft 365 Business Email service, which provides them with advanced email security and compliance measures.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach also relies on our monthly Webmaster Services that include image changes for banners, helping to create online sponsorship and event for the largest fundraising event of the year, and other miscellaneous updates throughout the year as needs arise.

We are proud to be associated with the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Webmaster For Hire’s Journey with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

Our CEO, Beth Varian, started her journey with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach long before building their first site in 2003 and has built for them two more sites since.

Beth has a special connection with the U.S. military since both of her parents served in the U.S. Navy, her brother was in the U.S. Air Force, and she has relatives who have served (and some who are currently serving) in all branches of the United States military armed forces.

That military connection had her join Forgotten Soldiers Outreach’s mission a long time ago, where she helped lead packing events, and serve in any way, her longtime friend, Lynelle Zelnar, needed.

Our partnership with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is special, and it has been a privilege to provide them with Website Design Services, WordPress Support Services, Microsoft 365 Business Email service, and Webmaster Retainer Services.

Our CEO is a former board member and lifetime supporter of the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. She had the following to say about the organization:

“My friend, Lynelle, heard from a co-worker that her son serving overseas was struggling with his mental health. She immediately gathered friends to send him packages to uplift him and to make sure he knew he was not alone.

In just a few months, she gathered all her friends, me included, to help a unit of another group of young men serving overseas. From there, more packing events at different locations happened for more servicemen and women.

She collected donations from anywhere she could and reached out to the media. All of this she did while still working full-time. This was in 2003. Now this is her full-time job, and she is just as passionate today, working with a minimal number of staff to still ship packages to our servicemen and women. I am very proud of the work she has accomplished.”

While they cover most of their service fees with us, we donate the monthly WordPress Support Service.  Webmaster For Hire stands with those who serve our nation, and we stand with Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.

Webmaster For Hire is truly grateful to be associated with the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach and its growth since 2003. We look forward to continuing to serve them for many years to come.

Help Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

None of us can underrate the great work that our military men and women do and Forgotten Soldiers Outreach stands by their side in the true spirit of friendship and encouragement.

They need your help to continue providing services and care packages to these brave warriors who sacrifice so much for us all. So, please join the cause and support Forgotten Soldiers Outreach today.

Feel free to visit their site here to learn more about the organization and how you can contribute.

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