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W4H Spotlight Client: ECYC Childcare


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One of the exciting things about writing these W4H Spotlight Client posts each month, is to enjoy bragging about our clients and how they shine in this world. This month’s spotlight client, ECYC Childcare, is most certainly one of those clients.


About ECYC Childcare in New Jersey

ECYC started out as a child development center for employees of Merck & Co., Inc.  They shifted and opened to the public and currently host a variety of programs for a vast age range.

Their center’s commitment statement is “Education with Care for Young Children (ECYC) is committed to providing an individualized, developmentally appropriate program of quality care and education for infants through and up to full day kindergarten as well as summer camp for school age children.”

They have different childcare programs depending on the age of the children and even have a summer camp for children beginning first grade thru fifth grade.


Services & Journey with Webmaster For Hire

April 2022, we received a request for consultation from our online form from ECYC.  Their previous designer was no longer available to continue working on their site.  Since they had moved from a corporate employee benefit of childcare to a public development center, they wanted to showcase their programs and have areas of communication with their parents.

When we work with any client (or speak with prospective clients) that work with children, we always stress the need for safety with using photos online.  As much as we love the internet and see its value, we also understand there are people who abuse it. ECYC Childcare immediately agreed and have been very diligent to use stock photos or photos of children whose faces are turned down or masked whenever possible. We commend them for that effort.

Working with the Director of Business Operations and Administration and getting the input from a vast majority of the teachers resulted in a fun site that allows them to update and manage it on their own.

Our journey with them began with a Website Redesign of their old site and bringing them out of WIX and into WordPress. This gave them more flexibility and functions.  During the development of this Custom Website Design, we also created new flyers for each of their programs and their informational brochure to match the new site design.

Now they continue to work with us using our WordPress Support Services and Microsoft™ Email.

“This custom designed website was fun to create. I love the variety of our clientele and children’s websites are rarely boring to work on.  I am here when Melissa needs direction to website updates. But when I pop in to see how they’re doing, she’s doing a fabulous job on her own. Seeing their calendars fill up as they serve the next generation is heart-warming to see. I’m thrilled to watch them thrive.” – Beth Varian


Visit ECYC Childcare

If you are in the Rahway, New Jersey area with a child and are looking for a development center for ages infant to Kindergarten (or order for summer camp), we strongly recommend visiting https://www.ecycchildcare.com  to get more information.


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