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W4H Spotlight Client: Berman Dental Instruments


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We are always excited to talk about our amazing clients. This month’s W4H Spotlight Client is no different – Berman Dental Instruments.

About Berman Dental Instruments

Berman Dental Instruments was founded by dentists manufacturing instruments for their industry.  They focus on value and affordability.

Dr. Lou Berman says, “When I found out how much a mirror handle actually costs to produce, my jaw dropped. I started this company because there was no way I was going to continue paying “standard” industry pricing. Berman Dental Instrument’s approach is simple: Provide high-quality instruments that are fairly priced. We’re offering a solution to those who are tired of being taken advantage of. What I wanted for myself, in a dental company, I am striving to provide to my colleagues.”

Journey with Webmaster For Hire

We were originally approached by Berman Dental Instruments to assist with keeping their site updated with our WordPress Support Services.  We then became their hosting company. They eventually found they needed some webmaster services with functionality needs.

“We enjoy having Berman Dental Instruments as one of our clients.  I wonder if Jessica works in her sleep 😊.  She cares so much for the customers of Berman Dental Instruments and makes sure everything is running smoothly for them.  I love dedication.  They are such a delight to work with.” – Beth Varian

Visit Berman Dental Instruments

Dentists looking to save on cost of instruments should consider checking out the website: https://bermaninstruments.com/

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