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Get more subscribers in YouTube

INFOGRAPHICS – Twelve Simple Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Twelve Simple Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube 

Gaining subscribers, or “followers,” will help to make your online marketing a success. Use these YouTube video marketing tips to increase your subscribers. 

 Ask People to Subscribe – build in a call to action and make it easy for people subscribe. 

 Add a YouTube Widget to Your Blogimbed your videos into your blog to capitalize on the traffic. 

 Partner Up – find sites with similar content and team up to share the audience. 

 Interact – engage your audience and become involved in the community. 

 Create Excitement – add a view counter, subscriber counter or host a contest. 

 Use the Right Tools – YouTube offers analytical and content tools. 

 Make it Evergreen – most content should stand the test of time. 

 Don’t Forget the Trends – create relevant content based on current trends. 

 Give It a Good Name – titles attract viewers. 

 Use Annotations – pops up can be used to call viewers to action. 

 Limit Video Length – keep videos under five minutes to maximize viewing. 

 Keep Experimenting – use different strategies to keep from getting stale. 

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AUTHOR - Elizabeth Varian

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