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Six Reasons Why Animated Videos Are Perfect for Video Marketing Communications


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Video marketing is not new. The internet is flooded with viral videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. In fact, Facebook averages over 4 billion video shares per day.

Through all that noise, how do you make your video marketing campaign stand out?

The trend in video marketing today is the use of animated videos. These short, informative, yet attention-grabbing videos are perfect for almost any type of business marketing.

Animated video marketing has taken off, as animation allows companies to explain their product or service in a quick yet interesting way.

Advantages of Video Marketing

 Although the internet is saturated with video media, there is still good reason to use video in any digital marketing campaign.

It is estimated that 90 percent of what is transmitted to the brain is visual. People usually don’t take the time to read marketing materials, so the visual interest of a video will translate faster.

Animated video marketing takes that concept one step further with interesting animated content that people actually want to pay attention to.

1. Attention, Attention! 

Using video in digital marketing is essential, but it’s also commonplace. The animation is slightly less known to be used a marketing tool.

Because people won’t automatically dismiss your animated video as marketing or advertising, they are more likely to watch until the end.

Capturing people’s attention when they are over-saturated with internet content is essential. These short, unique animated videos are the perfect way to get their attention and keep it. Bold colors and constant movement will appeal to your potential customers.

2. K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple, Seriously 

Seriously, people don’t want to be bogged down with detailed, complex information when they view a video or read content online.

This is why animated video is perfect even for the most complex of topics. If your product or service is difficult to explain or to photograph, an animated video will help.

Your target customers will be engaged and can follow along easily, even if the material may be dry or complex. Adding animation to your marketing will help you reach more viewers by simplifying the message and providing information in a simple, clear manner.

3. Ah, the Memories

Animation has a way of bringing people back to their childhood. Most people have memories of watching their favorite cartoons on a Saturday morning, but few have the opportunity to do that anymore.

Animated videos bring a little piece of nostalgia to people’s hearts. Watching a 15- to 30-second video will remind them of their youth.

Nostalgia has been known to help fend off depression and increase people’s moods. Getting them in a good mood bodes well for your chances of selling them your product or service.

4. It’s All About the Money

Or in this case, it’s all about the money you’ll save by using animated video. Production of live video can be expensive when you include actors, script creation, video production, and editing — and the list just goes on.

Given the budget constraints of many businesses, it’s no wonder there are many low-quality, low-budget videos out there. Animation allows you to create and produce a professional quality video on a budget.

5. The Appeal

 Animated videos have universal appeal. In a global marketplace, being able to engage a variety of different people is essential.

Traditional videos use human actors of a certain age, race, nationality, dialect, hair color, eye color, etc. Even without bias in the creation of the video, it is nearly impossible to create universal appeal with human actors.

A well-created animated video can captivate anyone and everyone in the global marketplace. Using animation helps break down some of the unintentional barriers in your marketing campaign.

6. Just Plain Fun

 With so many demands on people’s time, attention, and energy, everyone could use a little bright spot in their day.

Animated videos provide a few seconds of uplifting and light-hearted fun in someone’s day. You want your company to be associated with that light-hearted feeling. Using animated videos to sell your marketing message will increase your chances of getting your message heard.

Quick Tips for Creating Your Animated Video

Keep It Short

The purpose of your animated video is to grab people’s attention. Even if you create the most engaging production, people will not stay engaged for more than 30 seconds.

Keep your videos short, simple, and to the point. As with any marketing campaign, the quicker and more concise your message is, the more likely it will be received.

Don’t Forget About Auto Play

Make sure your video accounts for the various types of auto play on social media. Some platforms play the video automatically, others require the user to hit play. Some sites open videos with sound automatically, some make the user turn on the volume manually.

Be sure to grab your audience’s attention within the first frame of your video without sound. Accounting for each type of platform will help you focus your video with the best results.

Use the Right Venue

With your choice of social media platforms, you should choose the right tone for each. If you’re using Facebook, your video should have more of a personal tone. If you’re using YouTube, the video could lean more toward educating the audience.

Understanding the uses of each social media site will help you place your animated video on the right site or help create a video that fits each specific one.

Using animation in your video marketing campaign is the key to getting your audience’s attention instantly, keeping people entertained and engaged, and marketing your product effectively. Animation fits any topic and can make complex subjects a little less intimidating. With people’s limited time and attention, an animated video may be the best way to reach your potential customers.

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