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There are several firms in Florida that focus on local SEO. Not all of the local SEO campaigns are created equally.  Here are some national stats that many small business owners are unaware of.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online

3 billion searches each month are for local keywords

Consumers are 69% more likely to use a business if they can see it has an online presence.

61% of all online local searches result in an offline purchase

(Google SWSX 2011, Comscore, TMP)

However –

Only 16% of all local businesses claim their Google Places Page

By 2015, 40% of the total marketing budget for small businesses will be spent on online marketing. (BIA/Kelsey)

Only 27% of 1500 businesses surveyed actively optimize for local Search (Marketing Sherpa)

Unfortunately many small businesses who try to run their own Reputation Marketing campaign end up doing more damage than good. Our SEO firm continually receives pleas for help from small businesses who have been penalized. These penalties can include:

The first complaint most Reputation Marketing firms hear from small business is the lack of funds to run a monthly campaign. Answering with ‘what is the cost of not optimizing’ online is not an acceptable answer. We try to help people see why they need to invest in their online presence.

Before you can complete the following exercise you need to understand that your personal browser is not the place to do accurate research. SEO firms have software that can track the ‘database results’ that are not influence by the data your computer stores to help ‘improve’ your search.

If you want accurate results you need to pay for a service, even for a month.

Determine Your Online Reputation

  1. Search for your business
    1. What is your first impression
    2. Is it easy to find a buy now page
    3. Is it easy to find your phone number and address
    4. Are you optimizing your website and social networking for keywords used by people shopping for your product?
    5. What do the images say about you
    6. Is your online presence all about you and your product or does it realize that consumers are self-absorbed.
  2. Grade your visibility from 1 – 10
    1. Does your visibility build trust and respect?
    2. Are you easy to find?
    3. Do your customers support you via reviews and social networking
    4. Are you a real person or is your online business ‘faceless’
  3. Running a Reputation Marketing Campaign
    1. Do you have the knowledge to run a successful campaign?
    2. Do you have 5 -10 hours a week to invest?
    3. Are you a good communicator?
    4. Do you know how to solve problems that arise in an online campaign?
    5. Are you able to identify reputable resources?
  4. Who is your consumer?
    1. Would they use cell phones to find your business?
    2. Is your product an impulse purchase?
    3. Is there any competition within a 2 mile radius of your business?
    4. Is your product something people consume monthly and need on a regular basis, or is it something people only buy to solve a need.

Once you finish answering these three questions you will be able to make an educated decision concerning your local marketing needs.

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