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Reputation Management: The Danger of Ignoring Bad Reviews


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As the total sales spent using mobile devices increases so does the importance of monitoring your online reputation. You can guarantee that your customers are searching your business reputation before buying your product.  This is most important in Florida where local business competes with tourism and foreign businesses.

Florida business owners who do not monitor reviews, social media, and customer watchdog sites, can end up suffering serious damage to their reputation and sales before they even know they have a problem.

Too many business owners ignore reputation management until bad reviews are popping up on the top of Google. The business owner panics, and runs to the first ‘good sounding’ SEO person who promises them great results. This can cause more damage than good.

SEO techniques can drive these bad reviews down, but they only put a bandage on the problem. It takes an experienced Reputation Management professional to fix the problem.

ProActive Reputation Management

Smart companies practice corporate reputation management so that negative results never see the top of the search engines. In many cases these bad reviews are lost, or avoided altogether. Negative reviews and angry people have a more difficult time reaching the top, or finding an audience.

There are a lot of tools required to build a strong reputation management campaign. There are hundreds of websites and ebooks telling you what you need to do. If it was that easy then everyone on the internet would have a good reputation.

A good reputation management professional knows how to maintain a positive flow of information aimed at areas where your customers are searching. This may, or may not be related to top keywords. In fact, shoppers rarely use the top ‘short’ keywords.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best product or service in the country. If a customer misrepresents your brand, image, or product then you are in trouble. It only takes a keyboard and a place on the internet where a person can complain, and the internet has hundreds of websites which let consumers complain. Unfortunately, they are less concerned about the truth than they are concerned about high traffic numbers so they can make money.

Were You Attacked?

If you or your business were attacked then take a few minutes and determine the threat level. How much money are you loosing? If you only have one negative review, but most people like your product than this is the perfect time to hire a reputation management team. They can use your current trending and positive reputation to increase your following.

If your business is under attack then you don’t have time to lose. Every day is lost sales.

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