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Palm Beach Business: 10 Ways to Improve Your Sales


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One of the biggest complaints made by businesses, not just those in Palm Beach,  is that SEO, internet marketing, and online advertising do not work.  Business owners invest in internet marketing strategies, but fail to see good returns. This problem is not limited to Palm Beach, or Florida, or even the USA.

Eventually the campaign investment reaches a point that the business owner feels there is no way to generate a good ROI (Return on Investment).  At this point their entire business future is at risk.

Here are a few strategies that may explain why you are not generating a good ROI from your marketing campaign. SEO, internet marketing, relationship marketing, and media marketing are all designed to bring potential consumers to your website. Once there, the power to close the sale is 100% in your hands.

Relationship Building

It is no secret that the stronger your relationship with consumers the more likely they are to make a purchase. Knowing you need to build relationships, and understanding how to build a relationship is two different things.

Relationship building requires engagement, but it is not a one person task. Good relationship building requires working with your marketing company. The more you collaborate with them, the more power and tools they have to market your business.

  1. Work with your writer to create good blog posts. You know your business and industry. Create topic ideas based on questions real customers have asked, industry news, and information your customers need to decide to buy.
  2. Take an active roll in your marketing. This doesn’t mean you need to invest hours a week. All you need to do is talk to customers. Write your own blog posts. Keep a Linkedin profile, and take part in your Facebook page.
  3. Write articles and give away information that customers need.
  4. Reward loyal customers. Today’s customers may not respond to a discount. But loyal customers will respond to free shipping, special products or offers that are not available to the general public.
  5. Learn about your customers. Share information with your marketing companies.
    1. What questions do your customers ask?
    2. Who is most likely to purchase from your website?
    3. Are there any idioms, phrases, or technical terms they use?
    4. What can you tell the marketing company about your customers? If you don’t know who your customers are then take the time to find out.
  6. Create a seamless relationship between your website and your retail outlet. Customers want a real face behind your website.
  7. Stand 110% behind your customer service. Make your customer service an integral part of your online marketing campaign. The ‘safer’ customers feel the more likely they will be to make a purchase.
  8. Stop selling. Everything doesn’t need to read like ad copy. Everything doesn’t need to sell. Take time to start focusing on consumers, not what you have to sell, not how great your business is, now why you are better than the competition.
  9. Give something away. It doesn’t need to be tangible. A webinar, or a ‘how to’ slideshow.
  10. Build a good online reputation. All the 9 items above can improve your reputation. When you invest on these 9 elements you’ll generate great reviews. Your marketing company can use these reviews to improve your marketing campaign.

If there is a secret to making money online, then it is collaboration with your marketing team.

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