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Can a foreign company, or a major ‘out of state’ company market your West Palm Beach business as effectively as a local company with over 10 years experience in the Florida market?

Choosing whether to outsource or try and manage a marketing campaign ‘in house’ is a difficult decision. There are several pros and cons with either choice.

PRO: Florida based company lets you can work face to face with your marketing professional, and contact their team. This overcomes the main obstacle – avoiding the scammers who pretend to be a marketing company and then outsource all the tasks to a country like India or Pakistan.

CON: Company will usually request more involvement from their client. The campaign isn’t a template SEO one, so they need to work 1:1 with their clients.

PRO: Target Leads

CON: Target Ranking Positions and Traffic

PRO: Cost reflects that of a typical marketing campaign

CON: off shore companies hire third world workers to build links and type reviews. This lets them work at a fraction of the cost – even though they often make mistakes they are not skilled enough to correct.

Here are some other factors to consider:

Local Marketing Solutions

The biggest factor shouldn’t be price or the size of the firm you work with. The decision to hire a marketing company should be based on the results. Which company can perform for your business? This can be difficult to determine. Take your time and ask a lot of questions.

A large SEO firm may have some impressive case studies, or some ‘cream of the crop’ people working for their SEO team. But this means little when it comes to hyper-local marketing. Florida has a unique demographic. There is a high tourism level, and a broad economic and cultural demographic.

There are also cultural and social norms that are different from other cities, like New York, for example. This changes how Local SEO campaigns are executed.  This makes some local SEO tasks ineffective in Florida. One successful campaign is local offers. This has a high success rate.

Manual Citations and Directory Listings

These need to be very specific to the city and neighborhood you are marketing. Choosing the wrong category can ruin your SEO ranking. Your company may rank for Palm Beach County, instead of a neighborhood in West Palm Beach city. Not understanding the importance of each neighborhood, and how the communities work together, can damage your online marketing. It may take months to repair the damage, and require a costly reputation management campaign.

On the other hand, a good citation campaign which is written by a marketing company that understands the wants and desires of Florida residence can turn clicks into leads, and visitors into sales.

Optimized Solutions for Selling

This is one of the trickiest parts of local SEO. A local company understands the local dialects and idioms needed to ‘speak to’ the local residents. Speaking the local resident’s language gives a business an edge. Trying to market to residents of West Palm Beach using a California or Texas vocabulary will not resonate with your target market.

What makes customers buy?

  • Cultural influences
  • Peer influences
  • Social and relationships
  • What other people in the community have
  • What the local community perceives as important or desirable
  • What the consumer sees in their community

Search Engine Local Page

Linking to the local page on Google, or Bing, or Yahoo can either increase traffic, or have your website ranking in the wrong area of the city.  There is more to Local Page Optimization than adding an address to a search engine’s local page. This type of optimization starts ‘off site’ and builds authority as it creates continuity between the Local Page and the website.

Video Marketing and Graphics

Today’s consumers grew up watching television and now YouTube. Their ‘language’ is visual. If you want to build a good reputation, and engage your local market then you need to ‘talk the consumer’s language.’

Only 20% of the people who visit your website will read a web page. The rest want graphics and Video. They want to engage. They want to get to know the business owner. There is a ‘trust’ and ‘respect’ aspect to this website that has a greater impact than any other marketing tool.

KML File

Keyhole Markup Language is an XML extension for expressing geo-location information.  This works with Maps, Google Earth, some cell phone GPS systems, and Maps Mobile.  This puts your business on the map for people who are searching for business while on their cell phone.

Other Tools

There are other tools that can help you market locally. These tools range from the common ‘about us’ page to new technology like QR codes.  It is important to incorporate the latest tools when marketing, but you also want to embrace the ‘stand by’ tools – especially in Florida.

The Solution

These are a few of the online local marketing tools that work in Florida. This list is only a brief overview, but we offer more advice and suggestions as well as help determining what is right for your city, and even neighborhood in Florida.

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