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… at least that is what I hear from many business owners when I even mention Twitter for online marketing.

So is it true? Is Twitter really only for the individuals who want to believe the world wants to know when they’re getting their coffee, walking their dog or making dinner?  Well, let’s look at some actual Twitter accounts and their postings (known as “tweets”) to see if this is, in fact, the case.

JetBlue Airlines (http://twitter.com/jetblue) has 1,590,754 followers.  Few tweets include: weather postings for areas they fly, responding to tweets with their name in it, posting apologies and solutions for errors during travel, and, of course, specials and deals.  Conclusion, according to JetBlue’s tweets, they’re using Twitter for (1) customer service, (2) media recovery (posting solutions to errors before media even has time to type the first word), and (3) advertising.

Blanchard and Calhoun Commercial Real Estate (http://twitter.com/BnCCommercial) has 252 followers.  Few tweets include links to Facebook Fan Page status updates on who has “secured a lease” at different locations, company updates, and industry news.  Conclusion, according to B&C Commercial’s tweets, they’re using Twitter for (1) announcing new customers they’ve served, (2) drive traffic to their Facebook Company Fan Page, (3) updated followers with industry news and (4) company PR.

Rinne Legal (http://twitter.com/RinneLegal) has 241 followers. Few tweets include links to their blog posts covering bankruptcy and mortgage law topics, changes in laws, “did you know” topics and advertisement to call them.  Conclusion, according to the Rinne Legal tweets, they’re using Twitter for (1) Educate prospects about every area of the legal arenas they cover and (2) driving traffic to their website. (Surprisingly, there are a lot of Attorney General Twitter accounts with thousands of followers.)


CSL Interior Design (http://twitter.com/OrlandoDesigner) has 1,061 followers.  Few tweets include site updates, quotes on design, link to different design articles, current project styles they’re working on and seeking opinion on latest site.  Conclusion, according to the CSL Interior Design tweets they’re using Twitter for (1) showing expert knowledge, (2) driving traffic to the web site, (3) updating followers with articles of interest.

These are just four different industries with four different audiences.  They’re all using Twitter for business.  Why aren’t you? What is stopping you from reaching a new audience through social networking?

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