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Market Aggressively Through the Slow Season


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Internet marketing and Reputation Management for the Slow season should start in August. But it is never too late to try and grab your share of the Slow spending. For many businesses this is the time of year when many online businesses make most of their annual income.

Most online businesses do not know the Art of Marketing the Slow Season. It requires special techniques that are rarely used other times of the year.

1. Reviews

The more reviews you have the higher your conversion to buyer ratio will be, according to many marketing and stat companies in the United States.  Reputation Marketing and Review Management are the key to building online trust.

2. SEO and internet Marketing

SEO and internet marketing changes for the Slow season. The biggest change is that you change your focus to consumer and Christmas shopping. Last minute shopping, free shipping, Slow, gifts, and other keywords will trump your typical keywords. Just remember that it can take 3 – 6 months to rank for a new keyword, especially if you are working on your own.

The secret is to have every aspect of your internet marketing campaign work together, with the same focus.

3. Retargeting

Christmas shoppers do a lot of research. The shopping itself is part of the Christmas entertainment. This makes it too easy to forget about your product, specials, or perks. Even if they remember your product they might not remember your website.

Retargeting will focus on shoppers who have already visited your website, seen a particular product, and left. Many shopping carts include scripts that help target shoppers who abandoned their carts, or followed any specific behavior.

Retargeting might offer an extra 15% off to someone who has already selected a particular product. A few ways to do this is by asking people early in the shopping process if they want to sign up for special deals. When they do, you can integrate that with their shopping behavior and send them specific deals.

Newsletters, Slow Cards, downloads, free giveaways, retail outlet coupons, and Facebook integration, etc, can all help retarget visitors.

There are also tools designed to help reduce the chances of consumers abandoning their shopping carts. These extensions have proven to recover 20 – 30% of abandoned shopping arts by prodding customers with a friendly email reminder.

4. Test Your Conversion Optimization

Promotions are good, but why not focus on products that are trending. What about creating your own trend? There are a variety of tactics, bot onsite and off that offer the tools needed to test visitors behavior.

Small tweaks on a website can increase conversion rates and sales. Many stores spend a lot of time and money attracting visitors. But few invest in trying to turn those visitors into shoppers.

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