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Joomla vs WordPress – Why WordPress is The Better Choice


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Choosing Your CMS- Joomla or WordPress

A content management system (CMS) is the most important part of website design. It helps you manage your website and it gives you the liberty to update it from time to time according to your requirements. There are many CMSs available, some of which are easy to handle and can be managed with very little or no knowledge of complex technology. Others are somewhat difficult to use. Out of the various CMSs, Joomla and wordpress are most popular. Let’s take a look at how WP is better than Joomla.

WordPress Has A Huge Share In The Top 1 Million Websites

According to W3Techs, almost 55% of the 1 million most visited websites that are run on a content management system (CMS) are run on WordPress.

WordPress Can Be Managed Without Much Knowledge Of Intricate Technology

In order to utilize a WordPress theme; you do not need to have much knowledge of PHP and XML. All that you need is to select a theme, download WordPress, open the default theme (currently Twenty Ten), and look at the little functions that pull posts, images, stylesheets, etc.

WordPress Has Plugins

Unlike Joomla which has something called modules, and the other one called components. WP has only Plugins which are simple to use.

In WordPress You Can Get Free Plugins

In Joomla, decent plugins are not free, many are out dated, or are poorly coded, whereas in WP, you can find almost any plugin you want for your website for free in WordPress’s plugin repository.

WordPress Is Easy To Use

WordPress is the easiest to use among all of the CMSs whereas Joomla is complicated particularly for newbies who get frustrated with its administrator dashboard. On the other hand, WordPress is the easiest CMS for a non-techie to install and set up and the easiest to maintain.

WordPress Can Be Used For Anything

WordPress is an excellent system to use to create a website that lets you get your thoughts on the web quickly. While some still use it as a blog, it can be configured to work in many other interesting ways as well. WordPress is a framework and can be used for anything you want- CMS, forum, job-board, project management system, question and answer site, e-commerce site, online dating site, etc.

WordPress Has Great Recognition

WordPress is the most recognized CMS for web users. According to Google Trends people choose WP more often as compared to Joomla and other CMSs. Also, the data suggests that people choose WordPress without even searching for it!

WordPress Supports Custom Post Types

WordPress supports custom post types, custom nav menus and post formats whereas Joomla either does not do so or does in a difficult way.

WordPress has so many advantages over Joomla as discussed above. So its the clear choice to use WordPress over Joomla, and we at Webmaster For Hire encourage our clients to do so.


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