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Instagram Video Marketing for Palm Beach, Florida: Six Tips for Success


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How well does your marketing campaign reach the over 10,000 year-round residents in Palm Beach, Florida? More importantly, how does your business reach the 30,000+ seasonal residents to grow your business?

The advent of the technological age is not limited to high school and college-age young adults. In fact, over 68% of all adults in the United States now use a smartphone. And 84% of all homes in the U.S. have a computer. Digital marketing is no longer targeted to just the 18-24-year-old.

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing is the use of video advertising. It is the time your business explored the advantages of video marketing to target your audience in Palm Beach, Florida.

How Does Video Marketing Work and What Does Instagram Have to Do With It?

Instagram is one of the most popular picture and video sharing sites. Instagram boasts over 400 million users on its mobile platform. Users can share pictures, add comments, and share short videos on Instagram.

And recently, Instagram also began allowing advertisers the opportunity to post on the site. An advertiser’s video can be longer than a typical user, with up to 60 seconds of video time for advertisers. The videos are set on a continuous loop, the ad plays over and over without user intervention.

Instagram is a great option for posting ad videos. Instagram has a huge number of users and a dynamic demographic.

Top Six Tips for Instagram Video Marketing

You want to make sure you are hitting the right audience with the right kind of material and content when you spend your marketing budget in 2017. These Instagram video marketing tips will help you to create a successful video marketing campaign on Instagram.

1. Use Instagram’s Features

Instagram provides its own tools to make your video stand out in the crowd. Instagram’s features range from slow motion features to time lapse options. They will help you add creativity and originality to your video campaign.

The length of an advertiser’s video is up to 60 seconds on Instagram. Use that time wisely. Sometimes less is more, and if a video is impactful at 25 seconds then leave it at 25 seconds. Don’t try to fill every second if it’s not worthwhile. And remember that the video plays on a continuous loop, so the user will see that 25 seconds packed with great content more than once.

2. Use Silence to Your Advantage

All Instagram’s videos open with auto-mute. No sound will play until the user turns on the volume to the video. This feature is great for people who are checking Instagram at a place or time when they can’t use the volume.

This does create an issue for advertisers, but one that can be overcome. Although your video will have sound, you want to make it easy to understand without the sound. A user should be hooked on the video in a first few silent seconds. Use the silence to your advantage by creating quality video content that attracts people’s attention even without the sound.

3. Engage with the Users

The advantage to using social media in your marketing campaign is the immediate nature of the interaction with the consumer. When you post something, you immediately see the reaction of the user. From likes and reposts, you are able to instantly measure the success of your post.

You can, and should, take that interaction one step further by becoming an active part of the community you are trying to reach. Answer user’s questions online. Comment back on posts. Become part of the conversation with your customers. Not only will you reach people with your message, you will create the live interaction that social media is all about. This is could be the difference between you and your competition.

4. Informative, Entertaining or Both?

There are as many different types of videos as there options for their use. Do you want to inform your customers and users with a how-to video? Or do you just want to entertain while including some carefully placed products in the video? You can also use the Instagram campaign as a “sneak peek” for introducing a new product.

Think about giving your customers a behind the scenes look at your company through video. Give them a tour of the plant where the product is made or a look inside the corporate headquarters. Find an interesting “inside” aspect of your company, and post a video.

One other option is user generated content. You could host a contest for users to post their own videos using your product. The videos would be uploaded to your site, and you could have users vote on the best one. This creates excitement and buzz around the product while filling your site with plenty of content.

5. Integrate Your Social Media Campaigns

Integration is key across all social media platforms that you use. You cannot start an Instagram campaign that looks anything like the rest of your branding or your other sites. People have to be able to identify your brand through the common theme of your campaign. The use of hashtags will help to integrate your campaign across various sites.

6. Promote Your Product – Carefully

The purpose of your video marketing campaign is to engage and attract customers, increase sales and grow your business. But Instagram video viewer may be a bit touchy with outright advertisements on the site. Instagram is used for entertainment and social interaction. For that reason, people may not be ready to see complete product advertisement on their feed.

But that’s not a problem. There are plenty of ways to create engaging, actionable video content without it “feeling” like a TV commercial. And that’s the purpose of video marketing – using the power of video to connect with users to build your brand.

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