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Infographics – Top 5 eCommerce Platforms in 2016


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Top 5 eCommerce Platforms in 2016

#1 Magento

Since it remains the most widely-used platform in the world with optimal security, many large-scale retailers and websites consider Magento to be the best eCommerce platform in 2016.

#2 Shopify

Quick loading speed, easy setup, and secure payment portals are some of the main reasons why many online stores opt for the Shopify eCommerce platform in 2016.

#3 WooCommerce

Thanks to its customizable properties and desirable shopping cart, WooCommerce was also a popular e-commerce platform in 2016.

#4 Yo!Kart

Recommended for early stage startups, Yo!Kart was one of the most cost-effective, user-friendly eCommerce platforms in 2016. Some of its additional features include that it’s mobile friendly, responsive design layouts and multiple layers of security.

#5 BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a perfect platform for store owners with minimal experience in web design. It provides a fully functional website in addition to unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity.

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