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Indications Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

Is it time for a website redesign? Here are a few signs your company’s site needs a facelift.

  •  Page visits are low — poor SEO rankings are often caused by bad site design.
  • Site layout depends on frames, Flash, or other outdated technology — these make it impossible to view the site on mobile devices, and damage SEO rankings.

  • Site does not match company’s brand or logo — every public face of the company should match.

  • Pages load slowly — redesigning can lower file sizes and speed up the website.

  • Pages do not all look the same — colors, fonts, and navigation should be identical across the entire site.

  • Site does not work on all browsers — don’t lose out on business because users can’t see your site!

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AUTHOR - Beth Varian

Beth Varian has been working on the internet since 1995. She was the first SEO Expert at CBS When starting Webmaster For Hire, she wanted to focus on the personalized experience with quality results. Communication with clients is important. Though the internet has been around for decades now, it is still a mystical place for many business owners. Webmaster For Hire is the digital agency to guide small to mid-size businesses in the service and hospitality industries.