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INFOGRAPHICS – Why does Page Speed Matter in SEO? How do I Increase It?


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Why does Page Speed Matter in SEO? How do I Increase It?


Known as website page speed, different factors affect the time a page needs to be completely loaded on a web browser.

This speed is one of the many elements used to rank pages in search engines.

Google has found that a half second’s difference in load time can decrease traffic by 20%.

Website page speed can be increased using these three steps:

  • Implement caching. It provides search engines with a “backup” page for quicker load times.
    1. This can lower server load by 80%.
    2. Allows users to access the backup page if the current page is unavailable due to
      1. internet congestion
      2. recent removal of the webpage
      3. the page simply loads too slowly
  • Decrease Image Size. Visual media on webpages should enhance the user experience, not detract.
    1. Customers wait about 3 to 5 seconds for a page to load
    2. Images can take 15 seconds or longer to load
    3. Try to keep image file sizes to below 70kb
  • Reduce the work of the browser to fetch, parse and build the structure of the page.
    1. Your website design and maintenance team should be in charge of this.
    2. It involves behind the scenes code, software, and mapping technologies.

Remember, a fast website creates a good user experience.

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