In Business Your Reputation is Everything

Reputation marketing makes big promises to today’s businesses:

  • Increased customer base
  • Increased repeat sales
  • Increased mobile sales
  • Increased exposure in the search engines

The truth about Reputation Marketing – It delivers on its promises

No one wants a bad reputation when shopping. Today people expect to be entertained when they shop, no exceptions. They even want a positive experience when buying necessities like groceries.

The problem is, Google has made reputation marketing more difficult. In their efforts to reduce the impact of spammers they have made it more difficult for businesses to compete, especially in local markets.

How to Develop Your Online Reputation

Creating an online reputation is more than citations and more than 5 star reviews. You need to build a reputation culture, a tradition of customer service that can be marketed. This is more than your branding. This is more than SEO or internet marketing.

This demands a proactive approach built on analytics and keyword research.

Reputation Marketing Trumps Other Marketing

Reputation Marketing is above all other forms of internet marketing, but it is also built on other forms of internet marketing. Unlike SEO and SEM or social campaigns which could be run independently, reputation management needs expert collaboration between a complete marketing team. It takes an analyst and psychologist, marketing professional and SEO technician all working together.

The purpose and the objective must be highly focused. All the keywords must be marketed in unison. And the focus must be on Branding and Customer Service.  This includes establishing you as an expert in your industry.

Can We Ignore Google?

SEO is not dead. Google Authorship is not dead. And Google plus has not been abandoned by Google. They are evolving and changing to meet the shopper’s demands. There is a lot of hype suggesting that you can throw out everything you knew about internet marketing and just generate five star reviews.

While this is vitally important it is only part of the reputation management and internet marketing strategy. And Google is the benchmark that is driving the future of online e-commerce and business marketing.

AUTHOR - Beth Varian

Beth Varian has been working on the internet since 1995. She was the first SEO Expert at CBS When starting Webmaster For Hire, she wanted to focus on the personalized experience with quality results. Communication with clients is important. Though the internet has been around for decades now, it is still a mystical place for many business owners. Webmaster For Hire is the digital agency to guide small to mid-size businesses in the service and hospitality industries.