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Hummingbird Changes SEO – Your Business Needs to Change its Articles


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Usually when Google makes major changes to its algorithm they keep the specifics pretty close to the vest. Typically the way you know a recent change has been implemented is that you see site traffic slow down and your ranking in the organic search engines fall steadily. Often, the best way to get the slightest bit of detail as to what may have happened is to wait for the gurus to begin posting their opinions about the update.

This was not the case however with the recent Google Hummingbird update. Although the effects were far reaching, Google gave the internet some insight on to why this algorithm was implemented. Here are some of the key points as to how the Hummingbird update is changing the way you should do your SEO and why you need to change the content on your website.

In recent years the best way to optimize the content on your website was to make certain a nice variety of keywords were included in your articles. In addition to the keywords, the content needed to be fresh and updated frequently. If you were in a niche that was highly competitive, your use of those keywords needed to perfect in order to get moved up the organic page rankings. This is where internal and external back links became so important. Many websites however began to abuse those techniques and use strategies to create a larger number of links to the website in order to outrank the competition. The Hummingbird update has completely turned all of that around and made it more difficult to try and game the system using those techniques.

Hummingbird Changes are Good for Mobile Technology

The Hummingbird update focuses more on the new mobile technology that people are using to access the internet. No longer are the majority of people sitting at their home computer and typing in a search for a dog groomer and getting a million results. The Hummingbird algorithm now places much more focus on how a person on a mobile device would make that search. A person using a mobile device is much more likely to speak a search into the device like, “Where is the nearest dog groomer in San Antonio?” This location specific query is exactly what the Hummingbird is based around. When a mobile device user wants information they speak that search as location specific as possible.

Your company’s website and the articles posted there need to incorporate more location specific keywords in the content if you want to reap the benefits of the latest algorithm change. By adding long tail keywords that are relevant to your niche and the location of your niche, you position your business to climb to the top for those keywords much more easily. As your website climbs the organic ranking for those location specific words, the overall ranking of the website will also increase for the much more saturated shorter keywords that describe your company’s industry. Contact Webmaster for Hire to get your site ranked with Google Hummingbird changes.

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