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How to Increase Website Based Leads


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The days when internet marketing was cheap and easy are finished. Today internet marketing will outperform all other media marketing – if done right. The number of leads and sales made from consumer’s cell phones exceeds 50% and the number grows yearly.

The facts is, ‘Your website needs to sell if you want to survive. ‘ The following can help enhance your website and its chances of producing leads.

Promises and Guarantees

How do you handle disputes? Is there a resolution policy in place? What happens if products are shipped and arrive damaged. How long does it take for resolution? Do you take returns? Do you offer credit or cash refunds?

Consumers want answers to these questions – before they make a purchase. Adding a guarantee page is good, but make sure that people do not need to hunt the small print in the footer to find the link.

Perks and Bonuses

Customers want to be recognized. What happens after someone makes a purchase? Is there a discount or an ‘extra’ reward if someone visits your website and then comes to the retail outlet? Do loyal customers have ‘first crack’ at sales items or maybe a bonus around the Christmas season?

Instant Access

Do not make people scroll more than 2 times to find your contact info. If someone took the time to read a product description on their phone, they shouldn’t need to scroll back to find your contact info if they have more questions. They also shouldn’t need to look for the Buy Now button.

Connect To Your Retail Outlet

Many people use the internet to find the store they want. The days when we used the internet to make online purchases are a thing of the past. Today we want to see the address, phone number, and hours ‘up front’ when we look it up on the cell phone.

Can people connect with customer service from your website? Can they find out where to bring a return? Answering these questions can increase your website’s sales.

Keep Connected

Can consumers click a button, use an app, or click a QR code on your website – or store – to add the contact information to my contact list, and then have it connect them to the person they want to talk to?

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