How to find the best web design company in America



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How to find the best web design company in America

 There are nearly 150,000 web design and developers in the US.

 How do you narrow it down to choose the one right for you?

Here are 3 options.

  •  Ask for references and check reviews. Speaking with former clients will provide great insight into how a web design company conducts business.
  • Visit websites you would like to model yours after. Search the bottom of the page to learn who designed it and get their contact information.

  • Run a design contest. This can work to attract many of the top US web designers, and you can choose the design that sings to you.

What makes one web design company better than another?

  •  Experience. The internet continually changes, websites need to evolve with it. Does the firm keep up to date with modern web design practices?
  • Aesthetics. Does the firm have a portfolio of web design projects? Do you like what they’ve created?
  • Professionalism. Does their own website showcase their talents? Do they have references? What about online reviews or client testimonials? How professional are they in pursuing you as a lead?


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