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How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for SEO-Webmaster For Hire LLC West Palm Beach Florida

Video Transcript

How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for SEO

 Is your e-commerce platform SEO-friendly and ready?

 If you want your online store and its products to rank high in Google SERPs, then using the best e-commerce platform is vital.

 Here are some options that only the best e-commerce platforms feature:

  •  Customization – Online stores that are provided with the ability to customize their URLs and other interfaces consistently outrank their competition.
  •  Scalability – Scalable hosting enables online merchants to compensate for rapid growth.
  •  Mobile Friendly – E-commerce sites that are optimized for mobile devices benefit from the additional traffic and sales generated from those devices.
  •  Security – Once your pages are optimized, you’ll want to ensure that all of the information remains secure from hackers.

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AUTHOR - Beth Varian

Beth Varian has been working on the internet in some capacity since 1995. Working for such companies as a small chemical lab contractor to digital media sports mogul, CBS SportsLine. When starting Webmaster For Hire, she wanted to focus on the personalized experience and customer services for clients. Though the internet has been around for decades now, it is still a mystical place for many business owners.