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How does Video Marketing Help Company Branding Easily?


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Video Transcript:

How does Video Marketing Help Company Branding Easily?

 Given the right strategy, video marketing becomes one of the most effective company branding tools that you can use.

 Video marketing helps branding because videos transmit vast amounts of information – easily.

 YouTube gets over 4 billion views a day. This is a huge potential market that companies are starting to use to get theirs brands out there.

 Video marketing promotes branding by using sight and sound to establish an emotional connection with viewers. Marketing videos can also provide entertainment and influence viewers to purchase your products or services.

Since online video accounts for over half of all mobile traffic, companies using video marketing report increases in email open-rates, click-through-rates and conversions.

 Webmaster For Hire has been helping companies by branding with video marketing since 2001.

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