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Google’s Changes Can Damage Your Online Reputation


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Google makes dozens of changes to their guidelines every year. Sometimes they make a few dozen changes a month. Keeping up with the changes takes in-depth research, more than the average business owner can follow. Most businesses do not realize the impact a simple Google change can have on their local SEO and Online Reputation.

There is no way to start a Reputation Marketing campaign without starting with some research and analytics. It is important to understand how Google sees your website before you can create a campaign that will alter that view. The first step is to look for holes in your optimization.

Look for sections of your website that do not follow Google’s guidelines. Here are some tips to help you create a Reputation Marketing blueprint. There is a tight correlation between each web page on your website, and your local marketing.

Local SEO and Reputation Marketing

Local SEO is the foundation of Reputation Marketing. Both are the structure on which your marketing campaign is built.  Do not think for a second that Google doesn’t scrutinize little aspects of your website. Google has proven repeatedly that that they are willing to put online businesses out of the ranking positions if the business is not willing to optimize by Google’s rules.

Relationship between Relationship and Revenue

Internet marketing and SEO increase your exposure online. Reputation Marketing increases the trust value and builds a relationship with your potential customers. This increases the ‘conversion to buyer’ ratio on your website.  It is all about positioning. A strong reputation marketing campaign will position to collect a greater share of the online shopper’s expendable income.

What is your online relationship? How do your consumers see you? Are you viewed as someone who is willing to help them, or are you only interested in a one way relationship? Do people trust you and look to you for advice and help? Or, do they read your blog and read useless, condescending information.

How Google + Changes Will Change Reputation Marketing Forever

The biggest Google changes that we feel impact the average business were in Google plus. As early as April, 2014 many experts suggested that Google was going to dismantle their social, especially Google plus.   This included a major shift in Google Talent. Of the 1000 – 1200 employees working on Google plus, the Google Hangouts team is being moved to the Android team. The rest of the team are likely to move towards the mobile projects.

This preceded Google Planes becoming Google Business. Without Google Plus being mandatory, will the average active member (about 7 million 2 years ago) abandon ship? Hopefully only the scammers will leave, making Google Plus an even stronger Reputation Management Tool.

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