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INFOGRAPHICS – Five Reasons Why People Love Hybrid Mobile Apps


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Five Reasons Why People Love Hybrid Mobile Apps

A hybrid app is the middle ground between a responsive or mobile website and a native mobile app. Hybrid apps are built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS rather than one of the multiple languages used to create native apps across different platforms. While they do have limitations, hybrid apps are a valuable option for businesses or individuals who wish to create a simple app.

Why People Love Hybrid Mobile Apps

  1. Hybrid apps combine the simplicity of website development with the access to device features that native apps have.
  2. They can be built faster and cheaper than a native app.
  3. There is more readily available support for development questions when using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, because these are more widely known languages than native app development languages.
  4. It is simple to create versions of a hybrid app for different platforms (Apple, Google, Windows), because JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can be used on all platforms.
  5. Developers can easily test hybrid apps online and see what it will look like on all screen sizes without having access to multiple devices.

Most users don’t show a preference between native and hybrid apps. So why spend the extra time, money, and effort?

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