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Economy High or Low; Marketing Remains…

Business marketing

When the money gets tight for many business owners, the first thing they do is reduce the money they put towards marketing. This is actually the worse mistake they (and you) can do.
Keeping your business name alive and in front of your prospects, referral sources and existing clients is how you continue to fill the ‘pipeline’ of incoming business. I have seen clients pull out of marketing and within a month their traffic numbers drop drastically. When they return, it takes six to eight months to build back up to where they once were.Additionally, you give your competition an edge above you. Past two weeks, I found two competitors of a client, who reduced his online marketing. These two competitors have Facebook fan pages with over 23,000 fans and the other over 32,000 fans. This client’s fan page has 74 fans. While the client has reduced, his competition is actively building in his online absence.No matter what the economic situation is – marketing remains!

AUTHOR - Beth Varian

Beth Varian has been working on the internet in some capacity since 1995. Working for such companies as a small chemical lab contractor to digital media sports mogul, CBS SportsLine. When starting Webmaster For Hire, she wanted to focus on the personalized experience and customer services for clients. Though the internet has been around for decades now, it is still a mystical place for many business owners.