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Can You Prevent Negative Reviews?


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It is too late when a bad review appears on Yelp or other review sites. Addressing the bad review and asking the person to contact you is ‘too little, too late’. The review is still there. The problem may be resolved, but the low rating will remain on your website.

Here are a few ideas that can help business owners set up a preemptive strike against bad reviews.

Make Customer Contact Easy

The company phone number is on the website, right at the top. But an angry person doesn’t want to leave a voice mail message or listen to a message, and then click #4 to reach the person who might be able to solve their problems. You may only have minutes to stop them from becoming angry enough to leave a bad review.

Add A Direct Number To Customer Service

Many people don’t want to scroll down their phone to find the phone number or contact information. Put it at the top.  Don’t make people go looking for help.

Dial The URL

Did you know that some hosting companies offer a service that asks you ‘website or phone’ when you type in the URL or click the URL in a search?

The consumer doesn’t need to go to your website, read through a menu, and finally visit a contact page. They just click your link and select ‘phone.’ This is helpful if people are typing in your URL to contact your website because they are unhappy. The faster you solve their problem, the easier it is to avoid negative reviews.

Interact With Consumers

If you or your company is not personally present online then you are losing an opportunity to ‘be there’ for consumers. Today’s consumer doesn’t want a constant barrage of Ad copy when they visit a website. They want to know what you will do for them. If you are ‘absent’ online, and your office is closed, then they may turn to sites like yelp to vent their frustration.

Promise to Make it Right

Very few websites offer a guarantee that if it isn’t right they will make it right. This guarantee may stop a lot of consumers from leaving a negative review. It is a small step, but the cost of replacing a product, or making it right, is often less than the lost revenue caused by a bad review.

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