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October 12, 2012 we launched a giveaway contest for Classic Closet Clothing (http://www.classicclosetclothing.com), a brand new eCommerce clothing web site. The contest ended Monday, November 5th at 3pm EST with no purchase necessary. The brand new subscriber list ended with 108 confirmed subscribers plus an additional 47 subscribers who needed to confirm their subscription.

Why does this work?

The contest gives away one of the e-Store’s products. Therefore you are targeting new subscribers who want to win something that you already sell. (See contest here: http://www.classicclosetclothing.com/?page_id=2156) Announcing the winner and the next contest for subscribers only, keeps subscribers. Make sure to send out emails at least once a month on a topic related to your products/services to turn these contest subscribers into buyers.

Giving away items/services unrelated will only create a list of contest subscribers who will never purchase and, therefore, a waste of marketing time.

How does this work?

Create a page on your site with a photo of the giveaway item. Make sure to include rules and be very clear about deadlines, how to enter and who is eligible.

To market your website, start with your own social networks and then announce your site on all the sweepstakes and contest sites you can for contests that focus on consumers. For business contests, announce them where applicable.

And The Winner Is?

Make sure you choose the winner when the contest ends. Email or call the winner immediately and ask permission to use his/her name for your sites contest marketing. Once you get permission (and their mailing address), announce to the world the winner and mail off the giveaway prize immediately. Keep your reputation in tact.

Other Contest Ideas:

Increase your Facebook followers with a giveaway. Just be careful to follow Facebooks very specific rules, like you cannot announce the winner on Facebook.

Increase your referrals to your business by holding a giveaway contest for the most referrals in a specific time period.

Contests and sweepstakes are the best way to increase recognition of your brand and your email subscriber list.

Want to start your own online contest or sweepstakes?


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